Saturday, July 6, 2019

Volte Runs The Fourth Celebrating 243 Years of Dreams

From sea to shining sea.  That’s how we roll here at Volte Endurance.

And throw in a little southern pride too.

Voltes, friends and alumni ruled the racing day that was the Fourth of July, but, more importantly, we’re all certainly glad 57 guys had a dream that they put into action 243 years ago.

We like to think it’s worked out OK.

Couldn’t help but wondering when the first results of the morning came in on Thursday if George W. Bush had ever taken part in the Murdicks Run The Chop 5-Miler in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.

Whether or not any of the Bushes ever did, our Erica and Mike Coleman did.

Erica crossed the finish line in 43:45, while Mike stopped the clock in 47:21.

Down in Atlanta – well, Peachtree City – Dana Formon and Erika Sampson ran 6.2 miles with 60,636 or so friends in the Peachtree 10K.

One of the world’s largest races, Dana finished in 1:00:05 and Erika in 1:02:44.

Volte friend Vincent Attanucci from The Woodlands, who makes the trip nearly every year, came in at one hour and 12 seconds (1:00:12).  Vincent’s son, Daniel, was good for a time of 48:36 while his daughter-in-law, Leeann, posted a 1:12:05 finish.

“Done and dusted!” remarked Formon.  “Wished I could have run it faster, but there were just so many people (that) I could never find my pace (lots of bobbing and weaving throughout the entire race).

“The race course was fun though, and course support was top notch.”

Former Volte coach Adrienne Langelier was the 35th fastest female of just under 31,000 with a time of 41:21.  She was fourth in her 35-39 age group.

The first of the day to bring home hardware was Stephanie Stevenson at Covington, Louisiana’s Four on the Fourth.

She took third overall in the 45-49 division in 32:45 – a nice 8:12 per minute pace.

We had a good group that made it out to Mont Belvieu for the Texas Bud Heat Wave 5-Miler and Michelob Ultra 5K.

Rob Myers headed to the finish!  (Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)
Jerritt Park led us in the five-miler with a time of 37:07.  Rob Myers followed in 44:28, but it was Waverly Walk who was our only age-group winner as she nabbed third in the 20-24 division with a time of 53:07.

Waverly Walk getting the work done.  #GoFlames  (Photo courtesy of Letty Gonzalez)
Alfredo Gonzalez told the clock he was done at 1:11:52.

Four of our runners made the platform in the Michelob Ultra 5K.

Yaya Herrera took home the biggest prize of the morning with a 23:36 win in the women’s masters division.  First age group placings went to Brayden Park in 22:07 and Tammy Grado with her 25:28.  Paolo Biagi was second in his division in 24:14.

Layton Gill excited that the finish line is near.  (Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)
Coach Layton Gill posted a time of 25:40.  Llana Bingham and Debra Myers finished in 31:46 and 33:41, respectively.  Jimmy Baker finished in 36:09, just ahead of Amanda Becker and Katie Gill, who ran together in 36:26.

This proves that Debra Myers is just a bit more excited about running than Rob!
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)
Alvaro Trejo was our only Volte friend who ran the 5K, doing so in 26:06, while Sabina Lorca and Jim Braden were second and first, respectively, in their age groups in 39:21 and 54:07.

The legend, Jim Braden, still getting after it in an admirable time.
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)
Julie Stevenson was also second in her division in 41:51.

Kim White led the remainder of our Volte friends in 40:47.  Sonia Carr posted a time of 46:21 while Lusi Trejo and Hector Lopez rounded out the bunch with marks of 55:43 and 57:08.

At the Run Wild 5K near downtown Houston, Christopher Branch led the way in 22:05, while Laura Godfrey and Judith Albarran followed in 22:14 and 24:18, respectively.

Can Laura's smile be any bigger after a great performance?
(Photo courtesy of Laura Godfrey)
Laura took third in her age group.

“Fun morning and a great time visiting with many of my running friends and beat my time from last year on this course by 22 seconds,” Laura said.  “Third place in my age group … I’ll take it!”

Judith’s son Isaac Rodriguez finished eight seconds in front of his Mom in 24:10, while Volte friend Rachel Stewart – sister of Volte alumni Landa Wright – finished in 26:30.

Volte friend Luis Murillo was second overall in 16:58.

Brothers Juan and Jose Murillo also took home hardware in 20:17 and 23:59, respectively, for second and first in their age groups.

Paul Rodriguez, Brittany Haddad and Cristina Gray completed our list of Volte friends at Run Wild 5K as they recorded times of 24:24, 25:58 and 29:14.

Lots of Volte alumni were there as well.

They included the following:  Meredith Moss - 20:38 1st AG, Alicia Anderson - 22:45 1st AG, Greg Nettleton - 23:00, Richard Tong - 23:03, Keri Amador - 23:14 3rd AG, Andrew Smith - 23:15,  Landa Wright - 24:05, Caitlin Addorisio - 24:30, Leanne Rosser - 24:52 2nd AG, Mike Kuykendall - 27:08, Marta Mixa - 28:39 1st AG, Jessy Orlando - 29:56, Yanira Montes - 29:59, Denise Powers - 30:04, Lauren Hoffart - 31:19, Debbie Tripp - 37:09, Melinda Ardoin - 38:13, Billy and Mary Carter - 1:05:04.

Congratulations to all!

And wrapping things up on the other coast on the Fourth of July was Kate Semmelrogge Thomas, who’s bouncing back from an injury.

She completed the Star’s and Stripes 5K in Concord, California in 42:29.

Special thanks to coach Rich Cooper, Stephen Lopez, Sandra Tezino, Bonnie Scholz and Mayra Caamano for representing Volte at our sponsor Fleet Feet Sports Hughes Landing's Fourth of July Fun Run.

Mayra Caamano, Bonnie Scholz and Sandra Tezino.  Tough runners times three.
(Photo courtesy of Sandra Tezino)
Volte friend Jon Walk added two more counties to his quest to run all 254 in Texas as he checked off counties #87 and #88 on Thursday, the Fourth, and Saturday, July 6.

Running the 50th anniversary Firecracker Run 10K in Brownfield, about 30 miles southwest of Lubbock in Terry County, Jon finished in 1:04:58, in a race that was competed at 3,310 feet above sea level.

Two days later, he participated in the deCordova Dash 5K, located in Hood County just outside of Granbury, in a race that was held to celebrate the 50th anniversary of deCordova Bend Estates.

While the course was a little short, 2.98 miles, Jon finished the hilly conquest in 30:03.