Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Steven Lopez's Road to 50


4:48:55 - Disney World Marathon, Orlando, FL, 1/11/09 (State #1)
4:06:11 - Disney World Marathon, Orlando, FL, 1/9/11
3:47:05 - Chevron Houston Marathon, Houston, 1/15/12 (State #2)
3:46:18 - The Woodlands Marathon, The Woodlands, 3/3/12
4:26:20 - Rock 'N' Roll San Antonio Marathon, San Antonio, 11/11/12
4:02:55 - Chevron Houston Marathon, Houston, 1/13/13
4:13:36 - Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon, Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, 10/6/13 (State #3)
4:30:25 - Disney World Marathon, Orlando, FL, 1/12/14
4:07:22 - Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon, Cincinnati, OH, 5/4/14 (State #4)
4:04:11 - Chicago Marathon, Chicago, IL, 10/12/14 (State #5)
4:11:32 - Richmond Marathon, Richmond, VA, 11/15/14 (State #6)
5:03:37 - Big Sur International Marathon, Carmel, CA, 4/26/15 (State #7)
4:20:45 - Detroit Free Press International Marathon, Detroit, MI, 10/18/15 (State #8)
4:51:22 - New York City Marathon, New York City, NY, 11/1/15 (State #9)
5:02:36 - Ironman Texas, The Woodlands, 5/14/16
5:18:36 - Aspen Valley Marathon, Aspen, CO, 7/16/16 (State #10)
5:27:27 - Portland Marathon, Portland, OR, 10/9/16 (State #11)
4:44:15 - Kiawah Island Marathon, Kiawah Island, SC, 12/10/16 (State #12)
4:40:12 - Rock 'N' Roll New Orleans Marathon, New Orleans, LA, 2/5/17 (State #13)
4:53:47 - Missoula Marathon, Missoula, MT, 7/9/17 (State #14)
5:57:19 - Steamtown Marathon, Scranton, PA, 10/8/17 (State #15)
5:08:36 - Rocket City Marathon, Huntsville, AL, 12/9/17 (State #16)
4:58:02 - Little Rock Marathon, Little Rock, AR, 3/4/18 (State #17)
5:08:56 - Fargo Marathon, Fargo, ND, 5/19/18 (State #18)
5:06:37 - Hartford Marathon, Hartford, CT, 10/13/18 (State #19)
5:19:10 - Tulsa Marathon, Tulsa, OK, 11/18/18 (State #20)
5:50:48 - Mississippi Blues Marathon, Jackson, MS, 1/26/19 (State #21)
5:25:50 - Sand Hollow Marathon, St. George, UT, 3/9/19 (State #22)
5:39:20 - Sugarloaf Marathon, Carrabassett Valley, ME, 5/19/19 (State #23)
5:42:55 - Mesa Falls Marathon, Ashton, ID, 8/24/19 (State #24)
4:59:14 - Indianapolis Monumental Marathon, Indianapolis, IN, 11/9/19 (State #25)
5:28:10 - Callaway Gardens Marathon, Pine Mountain, GA, 1/25/20 (State #26)
5:51:38 - Des Moines Marathon, Des Moines, IA, 10/17/21 (State #27)
5:40:08 - Lost Dutchman Marathon, Apache Junction, AZ, 2/20/22 (State #28)
5:25:23 - Tobacco Road Marathon, Cary, NC, 3/20/22 (State #29)
5:29:50 - Eau Claire Marathon, Eau Claire, WI, 5/1/22 (State #30)
6:21:55 - Mad Marathon, Waitsfield, VT, 7/10/22 (State #31)
5:50:44 - Kansas City Marathon, Kansas City, MO, 10/15/22 (State #32)
10:52:01 - Baatan Memorial Death March Marathon, White Sands Missile Range, NM, 3/19/23 (State #33)
5:44:02 - Revel Mt. Charleston, Las Vegas, NV, 4/1/23 (State #34)
6:25:12 - Deadwood-Mickelson Trail Marathon, Deadwood, SD, 6/4/23 (State #35)

Lopez Gets State #35, The Road to 100 and June Racing and Training Updates

June is for Jerritt.

Well, May was too.

As we head into the last weekend of the month, Volte's Jerritt Park has completed 49 races on his road to 100 races in 2023.

And he finished nine races in both May and June (so far).

He hit the road to Corpus Christi and Waco this month to go with trips to Keller, San Antonio and Dripping Springs earlier this year.

Below is a list of his races for this month:

41.  6/1/23 - 25:36 - Millican Summer Series 5K #1, College Station - 2nd AG
42.  6/2/23 - 19:59 - Fun Fit Endurance Fest Glow Run 5K, Corpus Christi - 1st AG, 4th overall
43.  6/3/23 - 20:17 - Spindle Tree parkrun 5K #72, Magnolia - 1st masters, 2nd overall
44.  6/4/23 - 20:51 - TWRC Sunday Night 5K, The Woodlands - 1st overall
45.  6/10/23 - 19:57 - Spindle Tree parkrun 5K #73, Magnolia - 1st masters, 2nd overall
46.  6/11/23 - 1:02:20 - Xterra Cameron Park Trail Run 10.5K, Waco - 1st masters, 3rd overall
47.  6/15/23 - 24:20 - Millican Summer Series 5K #2, College Station - 1st masters, 9th overall
48.  6/17/23 - 20:18 - Spindle Tree parkrun 5K #74, Magnolia - 1st masters, 2nd overall
49.  6/18/23 - 45:05 - Warehouse Distance Challenge 10K - Race 2, Cypress - 1st overall

But, yes, we had other Voltes and friends running through the first three weeks of the month.

Friends Randall Ivins and Ken Johnson joined Jerritt at Spindle Tree parkrun 5K #72 where they finished the triple loop course in 28:07 and 53:45, respectively.

Just a few short miles from the 45th Parallel North marker and a figurative stone's throw from Canada, Paul Roche was second in his 70-79 age group at the Cobscook Bay 10K on Sunday, June 4 in Pembroke, Maine.

Navigating over the flyover states, we journey to Deadwood, South Dakota where Steven Lopez finished the vaunted Deadwood Mickelson Trail Marathon to log a marathon finish in his 35th different state.

State #35 for Steven Lopez:  Sweet Finish in South Dakota
(Photo courtesy of Deadwood Mickelson Trail Marathon)

Steven takes over the story from here:

"Feeling thankful and blessed," he said.  "The route had beautiful views but for this flatlander, it was truly another challenge.

"However, if for a sign, on the bus ride back to the hotel, I sat near a woman who, with this marathon, has completed her 48th state.

"Although truly an inspiration for anyone, she shared something that made me somewhat emotional. She shared that she has stage 4 cancer but that the marathons have kept her alive.

"She shared also that the last two will be this year. She was completely positive and thankful for every day of life.

"My hat was off to her as well as a huge level of respect. Needless to say, the pain in my legs was nothing compared to what she has been going through.

"I will again say my appreciation for every day of life and for the thankfulness for my health."

A definite lesson for us all.

And in the beautiful California city of San Diego, Keith Wiley finished the Rock 'N Roll San Diego Half Marathon in 2:51:15.

Back home, and later that Sunday, June 4, Kristi Park took over for our founder Bill Dwyer, who was out of state attending to family matters, and organized the monthly The Woodlands Running Club Sunday Night 5K.  (Thanks Kristi!)

Jerritt, as noted above, won, but Christopher Branch was second in 22:30.  

Kim White easily took third in 24:10 followed by Trey Taylor with a mark of 25:14.

Judith Albarran rocking the Volte blues for a Sunday Night 5K win!
(Photo courtesy of Kristi Park)

Judith Albarran was the first female finisher in 26:13 and Julie White was second in 27:58.  

Julia Di Paolo, Kimberly Roth and Mona Draper all finished in 46:56.

Again, Randall Ivins and Ken Johnson were Volte friends that were out and they posted times of 30:29 and 49:08, respectively.

The following Saturday, June 10, Christopher Branch and Judith Albarran kicked the tires on a new race - the Hometown 10K by a race production company new to the greater Houston area (Bodie's) as did Volte friends Josh Rivas and John Nguyen.

First overall female in the 10K was Judith in 48:18, while Christopher was first in his age group in 44:24.

Christopher Branch closes out the Hometown 10K in Sugar Land
(Photo courtesy of Hometown 10K)

Josh was first in his age group in the half in 1:40:10 and John was second in his - at the same distance - in 2:06:24.

Volte friends Randall Ivins and Vincent Attanucci joined Jerritt at Spindle Tree parkrun 5K #74 on Saturday, June 17.

They finished in 32:48 and 39:32, respectively.

On the day before Father's Day, some of our Volte friends ran the No Label Brewing 5K in Katy, which is produced by Run In Texas.

Reported as a short 2.9 miles, Mark Amann was first in his age group in 16:17.  

Paul Blutt stopped the clock in 23:35 while Dr. John Slate covered the course in 36:22.

And rounding out of Volte's efforts in Stateline, Nevada, Kate Semmelrogge-Thomas ran the Rock Tahoe Half Marathon in 2:55:06.

It has been a great start to the summer as we've welcomed close to 10 new runners to our group -- even though we've never been one to focus too much on numbers at Volte -- and our walking group, within that, is gaining momentum.

Running with us recently has been Megan Cardon from Utah.  

She is in town with her husband who is finishing up an internship.

And, lastly, Volte will have nearly 30 runners going to the Tunnel Light Marathon in North Bend, Washington in September, including at least four in a brand new half marathon distance event.

Come run with us!

Monday, June 19, 2023

Jerritt Park's Road to 100 in 2023

1.  1/7/23 - 20:20 - Spindle Tree parkrun 5K #51, Magnolia - 2nd overall
2.  1/8/23 - 1:10:11 - Texas 10 Bridgeland, Cypress - 4th AG
3.  1/14/23 - 20:16 - We Are Houston 5K, Houston - 7th AG
4.  1/28/23 - 26:01 - Rerun 5x5 #1, Navasota
5.  1/28/23 - 25:11 - Rerun 5x5 #2, Navasota
6.  1/28/23 - 25:56 - Rerun 5x5 #3, Navasota
7.  1/28/23 - 28:11 - Rerun 5x5 #4, Navasota
8.  1/28/23 - 26:58 - Rerun 5x5 #5, Navasota

9.  2/5/23 - 1:12:36 - Texas 10 Sienna, Missouri City - 5th AG
10.  2/5/23 - 21:30 - TWRC Sunday Night 5K, The Woodlands - 1st overall
11.  2/18/23 - 21:45 - Muddy Trails 5K, The Woodlands - 1st AG
12.  2/25/23 - 20:12 - The Woodlands Marathon 5K, The Woodlands - 1st AG

13.  3/4/23 - 42:29.5 - The Woodlands Marathon 10K, The Woodlands - 2nd AG
14.  3/5/23 - 21:46 - TWRC Sunday Night 5K, The Woodlands - 1st overall
15.  3/11/23 - 21:15 - Spindle Tree parkrun 5K #60, Magnolia - 2nd masters, 9th overall
16.  3/16/23 - 9:09 - Fleet Feet Hughes Landing Donut Mile, The Woodlands (1.16 miles) - 1st overall
17.  3/18/23 - 21:00 - Shannon Brewing Company 5K, Keller - 1st AG, 3rd overall
18.  3/20/23 - 45:22 - Mainly Marathon Gulf Coast Series 10K, Beaumont - 1st overall
19.  3/25/23 - 43:16.9 - Blue Bell Fun Run 10K, Brenham - 2nd AG, 9th overall
20.  3/26/23 - 20:40 - Run Houston Minute Maid Park 5K, Houston - 1st AG

21.  4/1/23 - 21:43 - Spindle Tree parkrun 5K #63, Magnolia - 2nd masters, 5th overall
22.  4/1/23 - 22:19 - Tomball Cheer 5K Color Run, Tomball - 4th overall
23.  4/2/23 - 21:03 - Saint Arnold Art Car IPA 5K, Houston - 2nd AG
24.  4/2/23 - 20:46 - TWRC Sunday Night 5K, The Woodlands - 3rd overall
25.  4/15/23 - 20:52 - Spindle Tree parkrun 5K #65, Magnolia - 1st masters, 2nd overall
26.  4/16/23 - 1:46:00 (12.4 miles) - Gator Bait 15K Trail Run, Huntsville - 1st AG
27.  4/22/23 - 20:33 - Spindle Tree parkrun 5K #66, Magnolia - 1st masters, 2nd overall
28.  4/23/23 - 19:51 - Vintage Half Marathon 5K, Klein - 1st AG, 9th overall
29.  4/29/23 - 21:21 - Spindle Tree parkrun 5K #67, Magnolia - 2nd masters, 9th overall
30.  4/29/23 - 14:14.1 - HARRA Bayou Bash Relay, Houston - 2-mile leg - 2nd Mixed Masters division
31.  4/30/23 - 21:13 - 5K for Kelsey Fun Run, League City - 2nd overall

32.  5/4/23 - 28:10 - San Antonio Road Runners May The Fourth Be With You 4-Miler - 2nd overall
33.  5/6/23 - 20:50 - Spindle Tree parkrun 5K #68, Magnolia - 1st masters, 2nd overall
34.  5/7/23 - 20:40 - TWRC Sunday Night 5K, The Woodlands - 1st overall
35.  5/13/23 - 4.83 miles (just over 19 laps) - 54th annual LP Run, Houston (Rice University)
36.  5/20/23 - 20:43 - Spindle Tree parkrun 5K #70, Magnolia - 1st masters, 3rd overall
37.  5/21/23 - 41:18 - Run Houston Clear Lake 10K, Houston - 1st AG, 8th overall
38.  5/27/23 - 19:57 - Spindle Tree parkrun 5K #71, Magnolia - 1st masters, 2nd overall
39.  5/28/23 - 20:06 - Bell Springs Winery & Brewery 5K Run, Dripping Springs - 1st overall
40.  5/29/23 - 20:30 - Seven Hills Running Club Memorial Day 5K, Huntsville - 1st overall

41.  6/1/23 - 25:36 - Millican Summer Series 5K #1, College Station - 2nd AG
42.  6/2/23 - 19:59 - Fun Fit Endurance Fest Glow Run 5K, Corpus Christi - 1st AG, 4th overall
43.  6/3/23 - 20:17 - Spindle Tree parkrun 5K #72, Magnolia - 1st masters, 2nd overall
44.  6/4/23 - 20:51 - TWRC Sunday Night 5K, The Woodlands - 1st overall
45.  6/10/23 - 19:57 - Spindle Tree parkrun 5K #73, Magnolia - 1st masters, 2nd overall
46.  6/11/23 - 1:02:20 - Xterra Cameron Park Trail Run 10.5K, Waco - 1st masters, 3rd overall
47.  6/15/23 - 24:20 - Millican Summer Series 5K #2, College Station - 1st masters, 9th overall
48.  6/17/23 - 20:18 - Spindle Tree parkrun 5K #74, Magnolia - 1st masters, 2nd overall
49.  6/18/23 - 45:05 - Warehouse Distance Challenge 10K - Race 2, Cypress - 1st overall

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Volte Closes The Books on May with a Sylvan Beach Recap

Sylvan Beachers, we didn't miss you from last weekend!

The only one of Team Tri Volte that got shutout from the awards podium at the Sylvan Beach Duathon, Triathlon and Paratriathlon was the guy that was coming back from having surgery performed recently, Paolo Biagi.

That's a whole medal of courage of its own to overcome - and the deductible to go with it!

Team Tri Volte:  New competitors welcome - including the guy - Debut Darren - on the far right!
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)

In the longer Olympic distance race, which was a 1,500-meter swim, 40-kilometer bike and 10-kilometer run, Yaya Herrera finished in 3:09:31 to grab third overall in her age group.

Yaya to the finish!
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)

Making his multisport debut was Darren Hadden, and he turned the Duathlon into a new athletic home if he wants to take up longer residence there.

He finished the 1.7-mile run, 20-kilometer bike and 5K run in 1:11:26, also picking a third place age group award.  

Even though they weren't in the same age division, he held off one of Houston's top veteran runners, Francisco "Paco" Garza, from catching him on the run.

Biagi was next across in 1:18:11 while Tammy Grado, putting to work the advantages gained from preparation for Ironman Texas, won her division in 1:27:30.

(Actually, preliminary results showed Biagi in third, but when the event producer acknowledged before the awards presentation that there were no separate overall and masters winners in the duathlon he got bumped down to fourth.)

Volte friend Nicholle Winger was second in her age group in 1:15:49.

And another Volte friend, Alejandro Bedoya, took second in his division in the Sprint triathlon, which replaced the 1.7-mile run with a 500-meter swim.

Thanks to Bill Dwyer and Roger King for supporting the team in La Porte.

Keeping with the triathlon theme, we bend the Alan Jackson tune in saying that Dana Formon and Gabby Westbrook were "way down yonder in the Chattanooga"!

The duo took on Iromnan 70.3 Chattanooga in Tennessee on Sunday, May 21 and did well.

Formon, who is coached by T3's Brian Tucker, stopped the clock in 6:33:15 while Westbrook, directed by TxTri's Sandra Sutherland, finished in 6:50:36.

Great job, ladies!

Volte friend Pam Meaux - one of our local female legends in running and triathlon in The Woodlands - was fourth in her 60-64 division in 5:44:37.

And in a light racing week otherwise, we kicked the tires on Run Houston! Clear Lake - also on Sunday, May 21.

Were we snoozing on Saturday, May 20?

No, we almost overlooked Jerritt Park in Spindle Tree parkrun 5K #70, where he took third overall and first masters in 20:43.

We take our readers back to Clear Lake.

Sherry Cameron led us off with a 39:38 finish in the 5K.

In the 10K, Jerritt logged a new personal best at the distance and finished first in his age group in 41:18.

Volte friend Josh Rivas was second in his age group in 42:20.  

He shared that his daughter Kylie ran her very first 10K ever and finished first in her division in 49:46.

And Jennifer Vieira closed the books on the race, doing well for Volte in 1:19:31.

Volte Thankful For The Freedom To Run on Memorial Day Weekend

We hope your Memorial Day weekend was restful and that you had time to spend with family and/or friends as well as reflect on those who gave their lives in service to our great, but always much to work on country.

Volte had a great group at the fourth annual Memorial Day 5K and 10K at Houston's St. Thomas High School, produced by Houston Running Company.

Four came home with some hardware as all of our athletes - including our friends there - chose to do the 5K.  

Seriously, who wants to choose to do the 10K when you don't have to, right?

Bling, bling at the Memorial Day 5K and 10K in Houston from this good-looking Volte crew!
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)

Luis Murillo got the fanfare started with a third overall finish in 18:02, behind Houston Strake Jesuit graduating senior Jake Chandler and Hockley's John Brown.

Another third overall - this time the Master's division - went to the older Murillo brother, Juan, as he was 12th overall and five seconds out of second Master's with a time of 20:21 - behind Richard Oeschlin and Mani Walia.

Two spots behind in the wide 40-49 division, especially so with 502 finishers, was Chris Branch in 20:45.

Sixth overall female and first in the ladies Master's division was Judith Albarran with a nice time of 22:49.  

Judith Albarran putting the beat down on Tomball's Paul Hellen, thanks to Tuesday's track workouts!
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)

The next two ladies in the division figuratively escorted (finishing one spot ahead and behind) Luis and Juan's dad, Jose, to the finish, more than two minutes behind.

He crushed the 70-and-over division as he stopped the clock in 25 minutes even, more than 13 minutes ahead of second place.

Coach Rich Cooper and Sherry Cameron rounded out our team's efforts with marks of 30:41 and 37:13, respectively.

Volte friend Alejandro Bedoya got in the age group winning business with a near three-minute win in the 20-29 age group - good for fifth overall - in 18:59.

Christina Gray and Marta Mixa - our friends with Northside Running - ran well with times of 27:47 and 28:25.  

Marta headed back up Interstate 45 with a third place age group award for the keeping.

Longest distance of the weekend went to Steven Sfeir as he finished his second career Buffalo Marathon in 4:38:18 on Sunday, May 28. 

He ran it two years ago in 4:39:51.

Well done, Steven!

And that leaves us with the weekly Jerritt Park #roadto100 report.

Second overall on Saturday morning at the Spindle Tree parkrun 5K #71 in east Magnolia is where Jerritt dropped his first sub-20 minute parkrun with a time of 19:57 - just 13 seconds back of McCullough eighth grader (and soon to be The Woodlands freshman) Max Charbonneau.

Volte friend Ken Johnson of the Seven Hills Running Club finished his 17th career parkrun in 49:41.

If San Antonio wasn't far enough alone for Jerritt, well, this time, he packed up the family for adventures on Sunday, May 28 in Dripping Springs, with an 11 a.m. start at the Bell Springs Wine Run 5K.

On a hilly course, he threw down an impressive 20:16 - almost a minute and a half in front of 24-year-old Peter Mitchell - for the overall win.

And on Memorial Day, Jerritt got to race #40 of the year with another overall win - this time at the Seven Hills Running Club Memorial Day 5K in Huntsville.

The race, which is hosted from Ken and Marilynn Johnson's house in the Timberwilde subdivision, saw Jerritt crossing the finish line in 20:30.

Volte friend Becky Nesbitt from Hempstead won the women's race in 22:28.

Also in Austin on Monday, we had friends competing in the Memorial Day classic triathlon, the Ascension Seton CapTex Tri.

Volte alumni Kate Looney finished sixth overall in the Olympic division in 2:19:43.  

Two spots in front of her was local legend - and two-time Olympic Trials marathoner and multi Kona podium finisher - Peggy Yetman.

Scott Mayer, Volte friend from the Team Strive days and former Strike Force Racing team member, overcame a couple of bike flats and finished the Olympic in 3:00:59.

Kate's husband, Bob, competed in the equally popular Sprint race, and finished third in his 40-44 division (27th overall) in 1:11:40.

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Volte Off and Running in May

When you get crazy goals, you do crazy things!

Alright, not really crazy, just committed - to drive three hours for a race on a weekday evening!

Race #32 for Jerritt Park was the May The Fourth Be With You 4-Miler hosted by the San Antonio Road Runners on Thursday, May 4, of course.

Thing is, it was something other than four miles.

We'll let Jerritt take over the storytelling:

"Runners go out about .35 mile and can choose which way to run the loop (one is the dark side and the other the light side)," he explained.  "Four of us go out and I’m the only one to take the dark side.

"Me and the leader cross at 1.5? and we both meet up again at 2.65 with .35 left?"

Jerritt said that it appeared that they forgot to mark some loop. 

"I turn around and got four in the 2nd and fourth guy stopped at 3.  I’ll take unofficially 2nd overall in 28.10."

Always better executed is the annual Woodforest Sprint Triathlon produced by The Woodlands Township Parks and Recreation department and run out of North Shore Park.

Mike Kuykendahl led Team Tri Volte with a 1:38:49 finish over the 500-meter swim, 12.8-mile bike and 5K run courses.

Former Team Strive and Strike Force Racing athlete - and Volte friend - Scott Mayer posted a 1:12:11 finish while Nicholle Winger was second in her age group in 1:15:27.

Jerritt finished race #33 the same Saturday morning, May 6, in the 68th running of the Spindle Tree parkrun 5K.

He was second overall in 20:50, while Volte friends - and community legends - Vincent Attanucci and Ken Johnson ran the course in 30:52 and 47:03, respectively.

Then we had long, and comparatively short, the rest of the day.

Mark Embry ran the Wildflower 50K in Bastrop in 8:33:34.

Darren Hadden was called in to duty by his employer, ExxonMobil, to compete in the annual Corporate Track & Field Meet, this year hosted at Barnett Stadium in Houston.

Darren Hadden handing off to an ExxonMobil teammate, much like the way he works in tandem with many of the runners in our Volte group.
(Photo courtesy of Darren Hadden)

While his overall ExxonMobil team took first, Darren was on two separate second place relay teams.  He posted a 2:30 800 meters in the Masters Relay and then followed with a 5:30 in the 1600 meters Executive Relay.

Tabbed for one more event, he covered the 3,200 meters in 11:30.

Big group at The Woodlands Running Club Sunday Night 5K on Sunday, May 7 at Barbara Bush Elementary in The Woodlands.

Voltes 9, Friends 4 was the final score!

Jerritt Park was first overall - in his race #34 - in 20:39.  

Christopher Branch was second in 23:55, followed by Volte friends Edson Jones in 24:58 and James Spencer in 25:37.

Judith Albarran was the first female finisher in 26:53 and Paolo Biagi in his first race post-procedure was not too far behind in 27:39.

Volte friend Randall Ivins was next in 30:56.

Our Geri Henry led a small group in 45 minutes even as Volte friend Ken Johnson followed in 48:13.

Mona Draper, Kimberly Roth and Julia Di Paolo all finished together in 48:32 and Julie Purcell was close behind in 50:43.

A little bit lighter fare on Mother's Day weekend.

Volte friend Ken Johnson finished his 16th career parkrun in 50:10 at Spindle Tree parkrun #69 on Saturday, May 13.

Jerritt?  Well, that same morning, he travelled south to Houston's Rice University to take place in one of Texas' oldest races - the 54th annual LP Run, where you run as many laps as possible in 33 and a third minutes (33:20).

He covered a little of 19 laps for an official distance of 4.83 miles, which equated to a 6:54 pace.

Eunice Allen ran the Shoots & Ladders 5K produced by AMPT Running in Plano finishing in 29:32 - good for 108th out of 481 finishers.

And finally, who knew that the Kings were cookers?!

First place brisket in the Willis VFW BBQ Cook Off went to Roger and Robert King.

Probably not a long list of guys that can win a BBQ cook off and drop sub-3 hour marathons.
(Photo courtesy of We Two Kings)

Holy smokes!

Maybe we'll enlist them for a Volte Sausage Eating Contest or something like at the Bud Heat Wave on the Fourth of July!

Volte Closes Out April With a Little History-Making

So where did we leave off?  Ironman Texas?  

Ah yes.  Still great memories for all!

Actually the last weekend of April was quite historic in Volte, USA - and may have only happened - partly - because Jerritt Park was looking for more races.

Even though some of the veterans among us have known about it for quite some time.

Saturday morning, April 29, began with a good crew - Voltes and friends - at the 67th running of the Spindle Tree parkrun 5K in east Magnolia.

The entire Park family participated.  

Brayden led the way with a fifth place overall time of 18:27.

Jerritt was ninth overall and the second masters finisher - behind Kevin Baker - with a mark of 21:21.  Put it in the books for race #29 of the year.

Riley Park would make it to the finish line a few seconds before Mom, Kristi, did.  

Kristi stopped the clock in 26:35, while Riley dashed in at 26:23 - and now holds the fastest 10 and under time in Spindle Tree parkrun history.

Greg Broad rounded out our group with a time of 34:18.

Lots of friends getting in the action too as Lorena Rowell led the way in 24:25.  

Vincent Attanucci finished his 25th career parkrun in 29:08.  

Woodlands Fit runners Erika Lawton and Mariela Rodriguez covered the three-loop course in 31:39 and 36:59, respectively, and Ken Johnson finished his 14th career parkrun in 50:10.

The first bit of historic took place a little later in the morning in Eugene, Oregon as Keith Wiley ran the Eugene Half Marathon.

Keith Wiley putting the dot on Oregon at historic Hayward Field
(Photo courtesy of Keith Wiley)

Historic in the sense that the finish was on the track at Hayward Field.

Keith made the best of it with a 2:10:38 finish despite having one of his shoes literally fall apart during the race that slowed him down.

Never before this Saturday had a complete Volte team run in HARRA's Bayou Bash Relay.

It is a race that features four runners each doing a 2.2-mile leg - and it is typically against some of the best runners with many of Houston's long-time running clubs.

Team Volte Endurance was the second overall Mixed Masters team with a total time of 1:00:29.

Team Volte Endurance.  Volte's first-ever complete team in HARRA's Bayou Bash Relay
(Photo courtesy of Jerritt Park)

Jerritt Park paced the group with a split of 14:14.  Jane Cardnell and Rob Gay followed in 14:31 and 14:39, respectively.  

Kristi Park, with her second race of the day, posted a nice effort of 17:03.

That was race #29 for Jerritt, and #30 came the next day as he finished second overall in 21:13 at the League City-based Run For Kelsi 5K.

Friday, May 12, 2023

And Then, There Was Ironman Texas

What a busy, exciting week it was:  the 127th running of the Boston Marathon on a Monday and then - of course, in our own backyard, the 12th running of the Memorial Hermann Ironman Texas on Saturday.

Before we tell our Ironman stories, Volte saw other fine performances that weekend.

Darren Hadden ran along for the ride as his daughter, Brooke, took second in her age group on Saturday, April 22 in the Tomball ISD Superintendent's Fun Run 5K.

Youth was also served at the Spindle Tree parkrun 5K #66 as Brayden Park raced to a winning time of 18:53 while Dad, Jerritt, finished second overall in 20:33.  
Volte friend Vincent Attanucci finished in 29:02.
We'll start to see more triathlons and duathlons in our results soon and getting in on the fun was Angel Martinez-Interiano at the Xterra ATX Trail Triathlon.

He covered the 1,000-meter swim in Lake Travis, 25K bike ride and 8K trail run in Pace Bend Park in two hours, 53 minutes and 15 seconds.

Notching a likely PR with the non-standard 6K distance, Sherry Cameron ran the XKlusive 6K in Sugar Land in 46:39.  

Volte friend Paul Blutt stopped the clock in 28:39.

The following day - Sunday April 23, we had athletes in all three races at Vintage Half Marathon, 5K and 1K.

Two weeks, two pacing opportunities for Lillian Evans and once again, she nailed her effort.

Leading a group for the 2:25 time, just over 11 minutes per mile, Lillian took them through the course in 2:24:31.

She and Roger could open up Volte Run With Me any day now!

Our good friend Dee Akers from Team Strive (the old days) and Strike Force Racing was second in her age group in 2:44:02.
In the 5K, Jerritt Park finished his 28th race of the year with a ninth overall and first in division time of 19:50.

Volte friends Mark and Dawn Poole grabbed first place age group awards in 21:13 and 25:08, respectively.

And grabbing the win in the 1K was Riley Park in 5:02.

And now, Ironman.

Ironman Texas never disappoints.  (Well, almost never, but we'll get to more of that later.)

Yaya Herrera nearly squeezes Tammy Grado's finish out of her with excitement!
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)
It was a great day that most of our entire team, including some we haven't seen in awhile, was out to support and cheer on Yaya Herrera and Tammy Grado as they competed with many Volte friends.

Yaya finished her second Ironman in a time of 14:10:10 and Tammy was able to put behind her unique challenges from Ironman Texas and Ironman Waco behind as she registered her first Ironman finish in 15:43:28.

Just as awesome was knowing that Volte alumni Kate Looney, who started coaching for Michelle Truesdale's Mach 5 Racing, got both of our ladies to the water ready in all facets to complete their goal.

"Yaya hit a big PR with a 1:33 swim," said Looney. "A little over a year ago, she was just learning to swim."

Amazing ... knowing that Yaya is as tough as nails out there competing athletically.

Yaya Herrera - tough as a train - on the bike.
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)

Yaya excited, off on the run!
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)

While the water has proved to be a little bit of challenge for Tammy (as it is and would be for many of us), we would have been celebrating Tammy's first finish in October 2021 if it weren't for poor information from a volunteer regarding the amount of time that the bike course would be open - because that - 2:01:37 - was Tammy's best swim of her three attempts.

Tammy Grado dialed in to finish what she started two years ago.  Well done.
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)

This year, after being over a little in Waco two weeks after Ironman Texas in 2021, Tammy made it out of the water in 2:14:52 - and was off for that 15:43:28 finish.

"Watching Tammy become a first time Ironman finisher brought tears to my eyes," Looney added.

Yes, we're not crying, you are!

Tammy Grado always knew that if she could get to the run, her chances were high that she'd get her Ironman finish.
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)

Seven is a lucky number, right?  Well, that's how many friends of Volte who also finished Ironman Texas.

All you can say about Volte alumni Meredith Moss' performance is "Wow."  

It was her third career Ironman finish after finishing Ironman Texas and Ironman Arizona last year in 11:40:48 and 12:45:35, respectively.

This year, she clocked in at 11:00:05 - and is going to Kona to compete in the Ironman World Championship on October 14, 2023.

"I am beyond grateful and excited for this opportunity!" Meredith said on her Instagram page.  "The race is on my birthday this year!"

What-a-birthday present!

Bob Looney decided to finally make it a two-Ironman household.

"I had done 7 half distance races, needed a new challenge, and was finally ready to give the full distance a shot," said Bob as he gave E3's Jorge Amine Martinez the coaching reins.

He finished in 11:36:09.

"Congrats Bob on the hard work you put in training this go around!" said Kate.  "Definitely re-inspired to get at that full distance again after watching your performance! Proud of you!"

Want to talk about a walking billboard for inspiration, see Reggie Bruhn with Sandra Sutherland's TXTRI.

Reggie has energy we only wish we could have.

This was his sixth Ironman finish in the last four years and his 12:18:40 was a PR for him.

Waco's Nancy Goodnight is an incredible human force of nature - and a great friend to us here at Volte.

For the first time in a while, Nancy did not do a Boston-Ironman Texas double as she shared she came into Ironman Texas with a torn hamstring.

However, she's in the Ironman Texas Survivor race as she is one of seven athletes who have finished all 12 Ironman Texas races - and the only female.

And if you're competing in Ironman 70.3 Waco, she's your race director!

Having run and worked out with us for a season, Ken Rademacher is a good friend of Volte who finished at least his fourth career Ironman (three at Ironman Texas) in 13:45:09.

It had been five years since former Team Strive - and current Mach 5 Racing athlete - John Laskowski had done an Ironman.

He did a couple of 70.3's in 2019 and had a solid showing at Ironman 70.3 three weeks before in 5:40:36, but he joked with his coach, Michelle Truesdale, after she commented, "Welcome back to long course!" that "Long course didn't like me."

Us having known John for more than a decade, if not longer, it was a tough day for John - finishing in 13:50:36; however, John has one of the more humble, pleasant dispositions in the Bubble.

And closing it all out was The Woodlands' Ram Rajagopalan who finished his second consecutive Ironman Texas in 15:43:01, slicing 45 minutes off of his time from 2022 where he got it done in 16:28:57!

So who are we going to see in 2024?

Two guys that we won't see, unfortunately, are Barry Blanton and Jim Chiles.

Barry Blanton provided this kind of personal support to our hometown folks - and other athletes every year for 12 years.
(Photo courtesy of Barry Blanton)

After 12 great years of being the co-captains of Run Aid Station #8 - affectionately known as "Some Like It Hot!", and being the creators of the world famous Third Lap Bell, they are retiring from being captains there.

Many, many Volte athletes - and their families - have volunteered there and athletes have enjoyed the support at what could have been a lonely spot on the run course.

Teamwork makes the dream work.
(Photo courtesy of Barry Blanton)

Gentlemen, thank you for what you did for all of us the last 12 years!

Thursday, May 11, 2023

Volte Has Four or More Runners Finish Boston for the 10th Consecutive Year

Forty-six different runners since 2013 have run the Boston Marathon under Volte's colors.

Some want to run Boston every chance they can.

And for others, it is a one and done career running achievement.

Both are OK.

However, Volte's become a place where if you're willing to dream and do the work, its coaches will help you achieve it.

Even when you yourself might not believe you can get there.

Everybody knows that Volte is going to have runners run Houston or The Woodlands - and the newest annual marathon stop at Tunnel Light, but there's been a growing expectation that Volte will have folks at Boston.

This year, we had 12 finishers.

Darren Hadden, Roger King, Jane Cardnell, Robert King and Rob Gay before the 2023 Boston Marathon  (Photo Courtesy of ... one of them!)

It is the third Boston Marathon that we've had 10 or more finishers -- with 10 in 2015 and a record 13 in 2018.

And we've had another 30 runners since the 2018 race who have held a qualifying time, but either elected not to run - or fell in a small gap of time where the time underneath the qualifying standard wasn't large enough for all who entered to take up the race's entries.

We're also grateful that there are runners out there who want to join us to help them make it back to be able to qualify again for Boston - or just get there for the first time.

Leading our group this year - and who has been a pleasant addition to the team the last couple of years - was Lu Bouanga.

We sure hope to see a lot more of Lu Bouanga at the Boston Marathon like this!

The former East Central University runner bettered his 2:39:00 personal best from his debut at Houston last January by 46 seconds with a Volte all-time best of 2:38:14 - bettering Ramon Rosales' time of 2:44:17 in October 2021 .

When Robert King first qualified for Boston - with his debut marathon time of 3:02:25 at The Woodlands two years ago, his first Boston that October was something that a lot of runners appropriately embrace:  a victory lap.

This year, after a sterling time of 2:59:57 at California International Marathon last December, Robert attacked the course for a Volte all-time top ten time at Boston of 3:08:16.

Darren Hadden was going to use the Legacy Capital The Woodlands Marathon as a training run and drop out around mile 20, but the day went well and he finished easily in 3:42:26.

However, he was fully ready to lower his former Boston times of 3:28:16 in 2013 and 3:21:30 in 2007 - and he did so in grand fashion by requalifying for next year's Boston Marathon with a time of 3:17:16.

After jumping in to help pace Jane Cardnell at Houston in January, Roger King finished his fifth career marathon - all in the last three years - in 3:18:27.

While the times look similar for Boston, Roger did not pace Jane in Beantown, but all the hard work - and teamwork within Volte - paid off for Jane as she opened up a new chapter of running with a dazzling 3:18:36 that allows her to go back to Boston in 2024.

Christopher Branch finished his second consecutive Boston - and ninth career marathon - in 3:32:03, followed by Christopher and Stephanie Reed, who ran together for a time of 3:36:07.  

Check yourself for a pulse if you can get excited about this picture of Christopher and Stephanie Reed!

It was their second straight year to run the course together and they shaved three minutes and 36 seconds off of last year's time.

Devyn Cook loves Boston, but it always hasn't loved her back in a reciprocal way.

Nonetheless, Devyn finished Boston for the third straight year and recorded her best time there with a 3:49:19 effort; however, she still desires to master it like she has Houston and The Woodlands -- the two locations that have accounted for the other 10 of her 13 career marathons.

With one more marathon than Devyn to her career credit (14), Judith Albarran finished her second straight Boston and lowered her Beantown best by 14 minutes and two seconds with a showing of 3:50:01.

Another with unfinished Boston business was Erika Sampson.

After a tough race a year ago, she finished this year in 3:56:46 - more than a 37-minute improvement.

Rounding us out was Michelle McGill, who finished her sixth Boston Marathon - all with Volte - in 4:09:20.  

In fact, Michelle is tied with former Volte athlete Derek Bailey for the most Boston finishes - six, which is two more than any other Volte.  

Laura Godfrey and Sandra Tezino have both finished Boston four times.

We had another 14 friends who made the trip to Boston.

Christine Berenz was so close to slipping under three hours as she finished in 3:01:52.  It was her second Boston finish, the first coming in 2018 in 3:31:43.  (Christine is coached by another Volte friend, ZDT's Michael Menster, who did a great job directing her efforts at this race.)

Last June, Michael Attanucci set the world on fire with a 2:58:58 at the Light at the End of the Tunnel Marathon - and he delivered in his debut Boston Marathon with a time of 3:09:23.

Samie Leigh is perfect as far as Boston Marathon qualifying times - 4-for-4 (Dallas, Houston, CIM) - and she requalified for 2024 with a debut Boston of 3:16:53.

Former Volte coach Adrienne Neal improved upon her time from her qualifying race - the 2022 Phoenix Marathon, where she ran 3:27:20 - to punch her Boston ticket for 2024 with a mark of 3:21:03.

Rip Reynolds and Kevin Baker finished close - in terms of time - with respective showings of 3:23:23 and 3:24:46.

With her third Boston finish - 2016 and 2019 being the other two, Sonia Dhodapkar requalified with a 3:41:51 - just 13 days before she completed the Boston 2 Big Sur double with a 3:53:50 in Carmel, California.

Josh Rivas finished his third consecutive Boston Marathon (2021-2023) in a time of 3:45:00.

Four more runners cracked the four-hour mark at Boston:  C. Stephenson-Lake in 3:49:48, Mia Cieslar in 3:54:58, Mary-Ellen Wilderman-Hay in 3:55:38 and Paul Blutt in 3:56:46.

Jetola Anderson-Blair and Nora Wilson rounded things out with performances of 4:12:06 and 4:39:35, respectively.

Along with our friends - and family, of course, Volte, USA is as good of a place to be as its ever been.

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Volte Leveraged Great Mid-April Weather to Solid Racing Results

The second weekend of April - Saturday and Sunday, April 8-9 - was quiet from a racing standpoint as it was Easter Weekend.

When The Woodlands Township Parks and Recreation Department moved Muddy Trails to February, it opened an opportunity for them to create the Run and Done 3.1 race that is held completely on The Woodlands Waterway.

The Park family took home a pair of second-place age group awards to add to their Easter baskets as Brayden finished in 17:16 while his Mom, Kristi, put down a time of 22:24.

Dawn Spoljaric led our Volte friends by denying Kristi a first-place award as she led their division with a time of 20:57.  Northside Running's Cristina Gray slipped in under 25 minutes in a time of 24:59, while one of The Woodlands' all-time legends, Jim Braden, 87 years young, won his age group in 39:10.

5 ... 3 ... 1 ... PR! for George Orebe at this year's Vintage Park 13.1.
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)

Earlier in the following week, Chloe Kramer, the daughter of Volte's Mayra Caamano, ran her last high school race as she finished eighth overall in the 3,200 meter run in a time of 12:02.35 at the UIL 13-6A district meet that was held at The Woodlands College Park High School.

The following Saturday, April 15, Jerritt Park finished his 32nd race of the year with a second place overall finish of 20:52 in the Spindle Tree parkrun 5K #65 in Magnolia.  

Volte friend Vincent Attanucci completed his 23rd career parkrun in 28:58.

Running in just his second race in the last year or so, Randy Harris won his age group in The Mercy Run 10K in Carrollton (DFW Metroplex) in 48:35.

And with our folks taking in the entire Boston experience, a few ran the B.A.A. 5K as an easy shake-out run.

Erika Sampson led in a time of 26:19 while Judith Albarran and Christopher Branch finished together in 27:52.

Jetola Anderson-Blair led our friends in 26:59 and Allison Urvan ran with a friend in a time of 31:13.

On Sunday, April 16, we headed off into four different directions.

Jennifer Vieira ran with her daughter Megan Wittrop at the Austin American-Statesman Capitol 10K in a time of 1:32:55.

The Murillo family raided the prize chest of the Run For the Rose 5K in Houston as Luis, Juan and Jose all carted home first place age group awards.

Luis led with a time of 17:06.  Juan finished in 19:04 and Jose posted an always impressive 23:33.

Waverly Walk with a steady performance in the Vintage Park 13.1
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)

A good group of four took to the trails in Huntsville State Park taking part in the Gator Bait Trail Runs.

Tim Russell won his age group in the 5K in 31:17.

And the 15K, well, it was more like 12 miles.

Jerritt Park took first place in his division in 1:47:24 followed by Rob Myers who was second in his age group in 2:03:11.  

Brittany Haddad rounded out our team in 2:08:50.

On the long course, Jerritt explained it this way:

"So I’m in fourth and miss a turn," he said.  "But then the lead pack misses a turn and then the whole rest of the field misses the same turn.

"I met up with the leaders and we decided to back track.

"We were nice and told the next 30 people they were going the wrong way.  We ended up running 12.4 miles!"

Only thing that Jerritt was really bummed about is that this year's Great Virtual Run Across Tennessee hadn't started yet and he couldn't count the bonus miles for that yet!

Volte wrapped up weeks two and three of April at the Vintage Park 13.1 and 5K, along Highway 249 in northwest Houston.

Rich Cooper was Volte's only runner in the 5K with a second place age group finish of 27:20.  Volte alumni, friend and Northside Running's Marta Mixa won her age group in a time of 27:59.

George Orebe led us in the half marathon with a first place age group finish of 1:35:21.  Mary Ann Miller followed with a time of 2:18:46.

Finishing her 23rd career half marathon, in her 30 halves by age 30 quest, Waverly Walk finished in 2:21:10.

It was super great for us to see Holly Benson, who came over from Liberty, to run as she finished in 2:26:23 - while being five months pregnant!

Lillian Evans and her runners are all smiles at about mile 6 of the Vintage Park 13.1
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)

And Lillian Evans was right on the money leading the 2:30 group as a pacer as she crossed the finish in 2:29:07.

Our friends did well too.

Mark Amann was first overall in 1:14:09 and Than Dinh was the first men's masters finisher in 1:26:08.

First in his age group was Mark Poole in 1:37:45.

Dawn Spojaric posted a personal best time with a third place age group finish of 1:42:20.

Former Team Strive triathlete Courtney Grube ran the distance in 1:52:50 while Tabatha Poole also took home a third-place age group bottle of wine after her 2:07:33 effort.

Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Volte and Friends Open April With Eight Events in the First Weekend

April generally - except for those running the Boston Marathon - is the kickoff to the racing season, especially for triathlons, but also for many shorter distance races - half marathon and below.

It wouldn't be Volte unless we had some of our folks - and friends - starting to put feet to the pavement and trails for yet another year of fun.

Eight different events we were in just in the first weekend of April - Saturday and Sunday, 1-2.

Eunice Allen opened things up in Dallas on Saturday morning, April 1 with a 54:03, five-mile time in the Dallas Running Club's Breakfast Bash 5-Miler.

The 63rd running of the Spindle Tree parkrun on the Spindle Tree Jogging Trail in far east Magnolia - call it, The Woodlands, if you'd like - saw Jerritt Park finish his 21st race of the year with a fifth-place overall time of 21:43.  He was also the second masters finisher.

Volte friend Vincent Attanucci made the three-loop course in 29:28.

It's always "peace"ful, easy running for Lu Bouanga, right?
If not, well, he just makes it look that way.
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)

Out west, Stephen Lopez finished his 40th career marathon at the Revel Mt. Charleston Marathon in Las Vegas, Nevada in a time of 5:44:01.  

It is the 34th different state that he has finished a marathon in.

Good guy - and Volte friend - Terence Baptiste also made the trip, cashing in his chips with a sparkling time of 3:20:12.

From downhill to flat as a pancake we go as we had a small group at the Brazos Bend Trail Run in Needville.

Luis Murillo won the 5K in 18:49 while Volte friend Paul Blutt registered a time of 23:18.

Appearing in Volte's results for the first time, Cheryl Edwards ran the 25K in 3:51:38.

Seventy-two years young, Jose Murillo - already in midseason form - won his age group in the 50K in 7:51:16.

Running in the longest distance, 50 miles, Juan Murillo was forced to stop after 43 miles and eight hours, 58 minutes and 34 seconds due to the hot and humid conditions the day challenged with.

Sis-boom-bah for Jerritt Park after he finished fourth overall a couple of hours after the Spindle Tree parkrun with a 22:19 finish in the Tomball (High School) Cheer 5K in Tomball.

Roger King and Jason Bodie
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)

And he celebrated on Sunday, April 2, with another seven Voltes and a half dozen friends at the Art Car IPA 5K in downtown Houston.

Christopher Branch led our five age group winners with a time of 20:43, passing Park at about the two-mile mark, to take first in his division.  Jerritt was second in 21:05.

Judith Albarran and Julie White led the ladies with age group wins in times of 22:43 and 23:33, respectively.

Kim White rounded Volte's winnings out with a second-place age group mark of 22:05.

Paolo Biagi ran the distance in 24:26 while Greg Broad and Jennifer Vieira followed in 32:24 and 47:58, respectively.

Volte friends saw Josh Rivas take third place in his division in 21:20.  Paul Blutt timed himself in 24:32 as Erika Lawton completed the course in 28:40 and Mariela Rodriguez did so in 36:43.

Melinda Evans and Marvin Adamson rounded out our friends' efforts with times of 40:04.

Speaking of Ironman below, Dan Jordan is one of the few in our community to do both an Ironman and a 100-mile race.  (Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)

 Good group of Volte friends down on The Island in Galveston competing in Ironman Texas 70.3.

Volte alumni Kate Looney was the second overall female in 4:40:03.

Volte friend Alejandro Bedoya (TXTRI, Sandra Sutherland) and John Laskowski (MACH 5, Michelle Truesdale) both went sub-six with respective marks of 5:34:43 and 5:40:37.

"Mama Goose" Brandi Watkins turned in a steady performance of 6:43:58 while Kahn Grice and Gary Knoll finished the day with showings of 7:08:12 and 7:35:30.

We wrapped up April's opening weekend of racing at The Woodlands Running Club's Sunday Night 5K at Barbara Bush Elementary in The Woodlands. 

Even though he had run three races previously, nobody was able to catch Jerritt Park as he finished his 24th race of 2023 in 20:41.  Rob Gay was second overall in 23:02.

The first female finisher was Jane Cardnell in 23:24.

Christopher Branch edged Devyn Cook to the finish line in 24:22 and 24:33, respectively, while Paolo Biagi took it easy with a time of 26:01.

Rounding out our crew was Trey Taylor and Judith Albarran, who finished in 27:44 and 28:33, respectively.

Volte friend Ken Johnson of the Seven Hills Running Club stopped the clock in 47:27.

Friday, March 24, 2023

Another Great Year for Volte at The Woodlands Marathon

Forty athletes.  

Sixteen friends (and probably more that we didn't list).  

All participated in the 12th annual Legacy Capital The Woodlands Marathon weekend nearly three weeks ago.

With many of the Volte family serving on the race committee or in volunteer roles, thank you from all of us for being a part and supporting our hometown race!

Our lucky seven in The Woodlands Marathon 10K was led by The Woodlands High School freshman Brayden Park, who finished third in his age group in 38:06, tenth among all males and 12th overall.

His father Jarrett also earned hardware with a second place age group time of 42:29.

Park is the only Jerritt that has ever finished a race in conjunction with The Woodlands Marathon
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)

In between the two was Volte friend, alumni and Mach 5 Racing coach Kate Looney, who won the 5K at The Woodlands Marathon in 2015, but finished third overall in 39 minutes even.

Sabrina Mengual and Angel Martinez Interiano crossed the finish line together in 56:14 less than a minute in front of Rob Myers, who stopped the clock in 57:03.  

It was Rob's ninth race finish of an event at The Woodlands Marathon, after six half marathons and two marathons.

Finishing in just over an hour was Brittany Haddad in 1:01:03 while Mike Kuykendall continued to tune up for triathlon season in 1:04:07 and George Rux powerwalked the course in 1:32:47.

When Brittany Haddad sports the Volte Orange it almost looks Burnt Orange.  Hook 'em!
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)

Twenty-six Volte athletes ran the 12th annual Houston Methodist Orthopedics and Sports Medicine The Woodlands Half Marathon plus another nine Volte friends.

Lu Bouanga led us all in a time of 1:11:21 while Robert King improved his time by six minutes from a year ago with a showing of 1:24:01.

The breeze from Lu Bouanga nearly knocked the cone over!
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)

Great race from Robert King, and likely had a quip on his mind as he went by!
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)

Gustavo Murillo, who ran 3:02 five years ago in the marathon, slipped under 1:30 in the half with a 1:29:51 and almost pulled Beto Alvarez with him, but Beto was two seconds over in 1:30:02.

Volte friend Rip Reynolds, who has finished all 12 The Woodlands Half Marathons, led Christopher Branch across the line with a time of 1:31:09 while Chris was three seconds behind.  

All of Rip's times have been between 1:27:33 and 1:31:09 over those 12 races, while Chris has brought his time down from 1:49:11 in 2019 and 1:38:52 in 2020.

Volte friends Halie Elzoghbi and Auggie Campbell posted respective efforts of 1:32:41 and 1:34:57 before Kim White grabbed third place in his age group in 1:39:38 while shaving five minutes off of last year's time.

Gourav Kumar and Trey Taylor owned the 1:41 minute with marks of 1:41:04 and 1:41:33, respectively, while Volte friend Paul Blutt and Santiago Alvarez ended their mornings with times of 1:44:39 and 1:45:01.

Paul was one of the two 1:45 half marathon pacers with Casey Wilson.

Meanwhile, Jason Bodie, Jane Cardnell and Rob Gay all were quite chuffed with their jolly run down the motorways of The Woodlands as they all finished together - nearly hands-in-hands - in 1:46:09.

Erika Sampson finished her third The Woodlands Half Marathon in 1:48:33 followed by Paolo Biagi in his fifth The Woodlands Half Marathon finish - and best - in 1:49:52.

Kimberly Simmons was just over the 1:50 mark in 1:50:13, but went home with a second place age group award to boot!

Urica Chevis and Volte friend Kahn Grice together were close behind in 1:50:20 while Tammy Grado and Kyley Hampton easily stayed under two hours in 1:51:17 and 1:52:20, respectively.

It was Grado's eighth The Woodlands Half Marathon and her best ever - a year removed from pacing her daughter Taylor to her first half marathon finish.  

Hampton shaved more than nine minutes from her 2021 half marathon time of 2:01:58.

Improving on his time from the last two The Woodlands Half Marathons was Michael Donelan with a finish of 2:01:14.  

He has run eight The Woodlands Half Marathons like Grado and two The Woodlands Marathons - and is the second fastest half marathoner in the event's history with four or more finishes at the age of 70 and older behind Porter's Lee Topham.

A trio of Volte friends took Donelan's lead - Cristina Gray finished her fifth career The Woodlands Half in 2:04:43, William Ott his ninth in 2:09:18 and Kevin Kranson debuted in 2:11:01.

Susan Rouse finished her seventh The Woodlands Half Marathon in 2:14:01 - to go along with a pair of The Woodlands Marathon, while Michelle Wells ran her first The Woodlands Half - in 2:15:58 - after running the 5K race seven times between 2013 and 2020.

Volte friend Mariela Rodriguez with Woodlands Fit finished her third straight The Woodlands Half Marathon in 2:30:17 - an event best for her, while Volte coach Rich Cooper recorded his seventh The Woodlands Half Marathon in a time of 2:30:33.

The seventh The Woodlands Half Marathon came nice, steady for Volte coach Rich Cooper.
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)

Kimberly Roth and Lori Tell worked together to come to the finish line in 3:15:05 while Jessica Shen and Heiki Dierck teamed up for an effort of 3:18:29.

In the marathon, we played a pair of sixes - six Volte athletes and six friends.

Third in his age group in the marathon was Volte friend Than Dinh, with a Boston qualifying time of 3:13:34.  

Dinh is a Spring High graduate who Bill helped coach on the side in the late 1980s.  Than's older brother and sister graduated with Waverly Walk's father, Jon.

Finishing her third The Woodlands Marathon - to go along with a pair of half marathon finishes - was Devyn Cook, who covered the distance in 3:39:06 - just ten seconds in front of Mark Embry.  

Embry was running his first event at The Woodlands Marathon.

Volte friend Lorena Rowell finished her second The Woodlands Marathon in 3:44:47 while another Volte friend Dawn Spoljaric notched her best of four career The Woodlands Marathons in 3:45:26.

Faith Craig's father Thomas Thomson recorded a time of 3:55:26 - the second fastest of his six The Woodlands Marathon races.  

He went home to Shavano Park, in the greater San Antonio Area, and ran a half marathon the following day.

In her tenth year at a The Woodlands Marathon race and her 12th race finish, Julie White completed her first one in her married name - and the marathon was the second best time - 4:06:04 - of her seven The Woodlands Marathon journeys.  

Some call 511 for traffic info; Julie White dials in her second best The Woodlands Marathon
finish ever!  (Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)

Julie also has three half marathons and a pair of 5K finishes here to her credit.

"Waverly Walk from Spring.  The family PR is going to go down!" said the announcer.

Waverly Walk has the marathon mantle passed to her by her father, Jon, at the finish!
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)

And she finished her third career marathon in 4:45:27 - to go with her 2:06:47 half PR at The Woodlands two years - to take down her Dad's best of 54 marathon finishes, 4:47:32 at the Freescale Austin Marathon in 2006.

Volte friend Cheryl Edwards ran the distance in 5:20:17 just a short while before another Volte friend - Vincent Attanucci - finished his 11th The Woodlands Marathon in 5:24:37.

And getting every minute and penny out of his entry fee was Neven Krstulovic-Opara, who closed out our efforts with a 5:55:16 finish - his seventh The Woodlands Marathon in addition to his two The Woodlands Half Marathon finishes.

Great work by everybody that toed the starting line, crossed the finish, volunteered or worked on the race committee!