Friday, July 20, 2018

Volte Showers April With Great Racing

The Brits that supposedly coined the phrase “April showers bring May flowers” may not want to utter those words around this year’s competitors of the Boston Marathon for some time.

Just April showers might have been OK, but heavy rain, 25 mph wind gusts and the coldest temperatures for the Boston Marathon in three decades made it, well … let our folks tell you.

“An unbelievable adventure,” said Brian Schultz.

Just a little excited is Tammy Grado!
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)
“What an unforgettable day!” exclaimed Tammy Grado.

Perhaps Sandra Tezino summed it up well.

“Today at the Boston Marathon we earned those medals,”  she said.  “I don’t know how I made it but I did! 

“A special thank you to the Boston crowds for coming out and supporting us despite the weather."

Debra Myers and Llana Bingham were part of our Boston Marathon support team.
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)
Supporting our Volte runners on race day were Debra Myers, Llana Bingham, Mary Carter and Volte founder Bill Dwyer.

Of course, you know that Texans have their own unique sense of pride.

“We trained through Harvey.  We’ve got this” was heard in some quarters before the race.

“Tough, tough conditions,” said Dwyer.  “The positive?  Everyone will be telling stories for years about running the 2018 Boston Marathon in historic conditions.”

Our Volte finishers were as follows, listed in alpha, first name order:

Bonnie Scholz - 4:00:26
Brian Schultz - 3:57:06
Derek Bailey - 3:16:23
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)
Erica Coleman - 4:20:59

Juan Flores - 3:36:36
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)
Laura Godfrey - 4:23:28
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)
Michelle McGill - 4:04:54
Mike Csikos - 3:48:23

Yaya Herrera - 4:08:22, Sandra Tezino - 4:03:29, Laura Godfrey
(Photo courtesy of Laura Godfrey)
Shelby Williams - 3:30:29 
Tammy Grado - 4:26:16
Todd Hunter - 3:56:11

A majority of our team ready to race!
(Photo courtesy of Laura Godfrey)
Breezy Beaumont joined Volte a week after Boston, but ran the race in 4:41:06.  She and her sister Adelle will be joining us in Washington state in September to run the Tunnel Light Marathon.

Breezy lives in Massachusetts while Adelle calls New Hampshire home.

Every once in awhile, things don’t go the way we, as runners, hope that they will.  Kristi Chen started the race, but had to pull out midway due to hypothermia.

Four of our Volte friends also ran the 122nd BAA Boston Marathon. 

Rip Reynolds led the way with a 3:26:03.  Michael Donelan posted a time of 4:02:23, while Sabina Lorca-Acosta and Stephanie Stevenson conquered the course in 4:19:29 and 4:22:17, respectively.

It was Sabina’s 19th state to finish a marathon in.

Volte kicked off the month of April at The Woodlands Running Club Sunday Night 5K on Sunday, April 1.

Jerritt Park, as usual, led us in 22:07.  Randy Harris and Leanne Harris, not related, finished within a second of each other as Randy passed the finish line first in 24:18.  Amanda Becker and Letty Gonzalez rounded out the Volte efforts in 35:55 and 43:39, respectively.

Faster than the men, except for Jerritt, put a smile on Leann Harris' face.
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)
Volte friends were led by Curtis Barton in 29:02 and Ken Johnson and Jon Walk ran the race together in 40:54.

Saturday, April 7 started in Needville’s Brazos Bend State Park where a few of our runners participated in one of the races at the Brazos Bend 50.

Getting started at 5:30 a.m. was Mimi Torrez, who officially joined Volte in May, as she was running the 100K.  A friend of Yaya Herrera, she’s training for the Tunnel Light Marathon with us. 

She finished in 13 hours, 59 minutes and 50 seconds – 13th of 24 women that completed the 62-mile distance.

Robert Dempsey started his race at 7:00 a.m., but it really started three and a half years ago, he says, as he “started a training program with a crazy dream of someday being able to run a 5K.”

Pressed down and shaken together over that time, Dempsey gave – a training plan of running 5 days a week and a Saturday long run - and a “new milestone run” of 50K was given unto him.

Robert finished in 6:23:05, 46th of 73 males.

He credited his wife, Michelle, with supporting and encouraging him, especially on race day.

“She biked all over the park, standing in the wind and rain as temperatures dropped into the 40’s just to give a few seconds of cheer and encouragement as I passed by,” he said.

Dempsey, who lives in Magnolia, connected with Dwyer and Volte to specifically train for Brazos Bend.

Layton Gill and Robert Dempsey at Brazos Bend
(Photo courtesy of Robert Dempsey)
Coach Layton Gill got a pacer bib and ran the back 25K with Robert.

“It was my first experience with a pacer but now I think it’s the only way to go,” he said.  “It was so hard at the time, but looking back it was a really awesome experience.”

As a bit of a tune-up for the Boston Marathon less than two weeks to follow, Shelby Williams took the 187-runner field out in the 25K and defeated all comers with a time of 1:51:23 – three minutes and 37 seconds ahead of the second-place finisher, Sugar Land’s Sharif Aboelnaga.

It was the third best women’s time in the race’s five-year history.

It also was a TROT race – Trail Racing Over Texas, that is – and that meant our friends Jose and Luis Murillo were racing.  Jose finished the 100K in 13 hours, 19 minutes and 36 seconds, good for 30th overall, and Luis was sixth overall in the 50-miler in 7:31:55.

Back in “the bubble” that afternoon, seven of our runners competed in the Muddy Trails races, which are put on by The Woodlands Parks and Recreation Department through the George Mitchell Nature Preserve.

Jerritt Park took second in his age group in the 5K to lead us in a time of 22:12.  His son Brayden finished in 28:37 while Laura and Brian Hanyzewski covered the course in 28:52 and 29:24, respectively.

Kristi Park made it a family affair as she completed the 10K in 55:54 while Hunter Smith was third in his age group in 57:50 and Andrew Smith wrapped things up in 1:00:17.

Volte woke up first on Sunday, April 8 in Haines City, Florida.  That’s where George Rux was racing Ironman 70.3 Florida.

He grabbed his third third-place AG finish in 70.3 competition in the last four years with a time of 6:52:52.

George swam the 1.2 miles in 40:02, biked the 50-mile course in 3:24:52 and ran the half marathon in 2:28:17.

Randy Smith has had a few races where he felt like a train ran over him, but never has he been stopped before – during a race – by a train.

That changed during the Vintage Park Half Marathon that same morning.

His overall time was 1:46:44, but Randy estimated that he lost three minutes.

Over the last few years, the railroad has stopped – for security reasons – communicating ahead of time with races if it was possible to ensure that trains didn’t cross a particular route.

In the 5K, Amanda Becker stopped the clock in 37:58.  Volte friend and one of our original coaches Adrienne Langelier was the first overall female in 19:24.

At the Austin American-Statesman Capitol 10K, Texas’ largest 10K, Juan Flores ran with his 81-year-old mother Domitila Flores as they covered the distance in 1:48:15.

Marta Mixa also tackled the course in 1:01:43.

All the work requires ice cream and Blue Bell answered the call on Saturday, April 14 in Brenham.

In the Blue Bell Fun Run 10K, Marta came back the following week and took first in her age group in 1:02:13.  Amanda Becker and Lynn Smith finished in 1:11:09 and 1:47:02, respectively.

Alfredo and Letty Gonzalez competed in the 5K and ran the course in 41:18 and 46:49, respectively.

A quintet of Volte friends ran various distances.

Mary-Ellen Wilderman-Hay was second in her age group in 1:49:22 in the inaugural half marathon.  Jon Walk was a bit further back in 2:20:46.

A second podium finish for our Fleet Feet Sports of Greater Houston friends was garnished by James Ingle in the 10K as he was third in his age group in 47:16.  Vincent Attanucci and Brad Hay took on the semi-hilly course in 56:28 and 1:00:23, respectively.

Two days before the Boston Marathon, Volte friend Sabina Lorca-Acosta ran a marathon in her 18th state at the Rhode Island Marathon in Newport.  She finished in 4:16:16.

Monica Moreno ran the half marathon in 2:24:25.

Volte also competed in the second oldest race in Montgomery County on Saturday, April 21 when Brooke Kramer finished the David’s Dream Run 5K on and around the grounds of Woodforest Stadium in a time of 31:36.

She almost totally put the hammer down early on Volte friend Jon Walk, who finished in 28:48, but slowed down for awhile to visit with a friend that was also running the race.

Down in Houston, a trio of our ladies ran the West End Brew Run 5K where Ruth Perez and Geri Henry captured first place age group awards.

Ruth finished in 27:36, Geri in 32:17 and Penny Garza knocked out a time in a fun race in 50:19.
George was up before two weeks ago, but Julie and Louise Pearce were six hours ahead of us running the London Marathon!

Julie Pearce wrapped in the UK flag and a PR
(Photo courtesy of Julie Pearce)
Julie posted a new personal best of 5:00:42, eclipsing her 5:03:45 from the 2015 Chevron Houston Marathon, while Louise finished in 5:01:08.

“Bloody hot, bloody hard work and bloody marvelous,” said Julie, blending in the native tongue of the locals.  “Listening to what seemed like the whole of London shouting your name – bloody amazing.”

As long as they don’t put you on a balloon and fly you over the city, you’re good!

“Best.  Race.  Ever,”  is how Louise described the crowds that in some places were 15-20 deep.

“I choked up several times during the race feeling the love, support & encouragement from the crowd (anticipated >2 million people),” she said.  “We passed the Tower of London, “Chariots of Fire” and “We Are The Champions” playing out of peoples windows, the London Eye, Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace, deafening support, amazing race marshals & volunteers.”

As the Pearces were crossing the finish line in London, Lauren Hoffart and her mom were toeing the line in Bryan for the Wine and Roses 5K.

Lauren finished in 25:38 while her mom, Sherri Fox, ran it in 39:16 to earn a third place age group award.

Darcy McClinden and Amanda Becker headed south to Galveston for the Divas Half Marathon.

It was Darcy’s first half marathon and she put the two-hour standard on notice with a time of 2:05:53.

Darcy McClinden with a big smile after her first half marathon.
(Photo courtesy of Leanne Rosser)
“I have to thank my amazing support team. I want to thank God, my awesome husband Skip, my two beautiful children, all my friends, family, Volte runners and, last but not least, my coach, Leanne Rosser,” she said.  “Thank you for your time, support and encouragement.  I can’t wait for the next one.”

Amanda was thrilled with her finishing time of 2:42:33.

“Who says you can’t get better with age?” she exclaimed.  “My half marathon time this morning was better than when I ran my first half marathon at half my age!

“I’ll take it seven weeks after my first marathon.”

Volte founder Bill Dwyer competed before an audience of one on Saturday, April 28 in the virtual edition of Grand Rapids, Michigan’s Calvin Spring Classic 5K with a finishing time of 38:24.

He was out to support Volte runners at Texas 10 Sienna on Sunday.

Amanda Jenkins sprints to a second place finish at Texas 10 Sienna.
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)
Amanda Jenkins led us all in the marquee 10-mile race as she finished second overall – to Bree Schrader - in 1:04:34.  Mike Csikos and Jerritt Park were the first two men for Volte across the line in 1:12:9 and 1:14:22, respectively.

Greg Nettleton breaks 1:20 for his debut 10-miler.
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)
Greg Nettleton ran his first 10-miler and broke 1:20 with a mark of 1:19:17.

Hunter led the Smith family with a time of 1:22:58.  Andrew stopped the clock in 1:26:38 while Alyssa finished in 1:49:21.

Happy family:  Alyssa, Hunter and Andrew Smith after Texas 10 Sienna.
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)
Kim Joyce won her age group in the five-miler in 46:02 while Denise Powers was out of the hardware, but finished four minutes faster in 42:02.

Volte friends were led by Paolo Biagi with his 38:27 showing followed by Jon Walk in 51:37 and Dianna and Ray Sarno in 1:05:57.  Ray was first in his age group.

Brayden Park was first overall in the 5K race in 27:49 and then ran the Lil Texas Kids 1-Mile race.

Happy Volte crew in Oregon:  Leanne Rosser, Mike Kuykendall, Mary Carter, Richard Tong and Mack Miller.
(Photo courtesy of Jim Rosser)
Leanne Rosser completed the third best marathon of her career with a 4:06:45 finish at the Eugene Marathon.  It was her 16th career marathon finish.  Richard Tong was our other Volte marathon finisher in Oregon as he finished his fifth in 4:43:02. 

In the half marathon, Mike Kuykendall led us with a 2:10:28 effort while Mack Miller and Mary Carter followed in 2:19:46 and 3:24:40, respectively.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Volte Runs Swiftly Before The Ides of March

March was one of those months that runners love:  five Saturdays to race on!

Volte was so busy we broke our recaps into before Spring Break (March 3-4 and March 10-11) and Spring Break and beyond (March 17-18, 24-25 and March 31).

A hearty crew participated in the Fidelity Investments The Woodlands Marathon, the Houston Methodist The Woodlands Half Marathon and the Fleet Feet Sports The Woodlands 5K.

And those who didn't run were helping out Volte founder Bill Dwyer as he once again was the race's Finish Line Coordinator.

"Thank you to the many volunteers from Volte who helped with set up, race day and tear down," said Dwyer.

The first to greet Dwyer at the finish line were those athletes competing in the Fleet Feet Sports The Woodlands 5K.

Volte friend Sonia Dhodapkar made it there first - to win her age group in the process - with a time of 22:47.

Jon Braunersreuther led all of our Voltes in 24:34.  Tiffanie Haidar was the first of the four females to finish in 27:05 while Kim Joyce captured second in her age group with a showing of 28:38.

Jenny Forseca and Marta Mixa rounded the group out with marks of 29:29 and 31:17, respectively.

Over 30 Voltes, friends and family dialed home along The Woodlands Waterway with a finish in the Houston Methodist The Woodlands Half Marathon.

Volte friends Chris Weir and Skye Moody led their respective genders in 1:23:08 and 1:29:15, respectively, but our Voltes were in chase with Derek Bailey crossing in 1:25:12 and Shelby Williams snaring third in her age group in 1:32:11.

A quintet of runners broke 1:40.

Ken Rieger and Juan Flores led that group in 1:31:13 and 1:35:05, respectively.

Laura Godfrey was the only female, throwing down a personal-best time of 1:37:43 -- 93 seconds better than her Cypress Half Marathon effort last November.

Volte friends Rob Rodriguez and Carlos Rodriquez completed the bunch out with times of 1:36:28 and 1:39:53, respectively.

Another half dozen finished in under 1:50 as Kimberly Simmons used a 1:41:24 to win first in her age group.  She wasn't the only one on the podium though.

Kimberly Simmons approaching The Woodlands Half Marathon finish line.
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)
Sandra Tezino belted out a 1:44:10 to win hers while Yaya Herrera grabbed a 3:08 personal best with a time of 1:47:52 that broke her time from three years earlier at The Woodlands Half.

Dave Campbell led the three guys in the group with a mark of 1:43:04 while Jerritt Park and Will Ott crossed in 1:44:26 and 1:47:12, respectively.

Another six-pack broke two hours, including two who did so for the first time ever.

The first one across was Mike Kuykendall, who was more than estatic with his time.

"I finally posted a sub-2 hour half marathon of 1:57:58.  God gets the glory," he exclaimed.  "My coach Rich Cooper created programming that led to a four-minute, 17-second personal best.  And a shout out to coach Bill Dwyer for the mental preparation."

Mike had run his previous best just two months earlier at the Aramco Houston Half Marathon in 2:02:18.

Rob Myers got under two hours with a personal best of 1:59:43 that bettered his previous best time at the distance of 2:00:56 that was achieved at last year's The Woodlands Half Marathon.

Wil Cole was the first of the remaining four in 1:52:29 while Tammy Grado, Kristi Park and Megan Miller all got underneath two hours.

Tammy Grado's double V means her finish is twice as nice for Volte.
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)
Tammy finished in 1:52:43 while Kristi and Megan followed close behind in 1:52:49 and 1:54:07, respectively.

Allysa Smith and Amber Speers both knocked on the two-hour door with efforts of 2:01:39 and 2:03:47, respectively.

Llana Bingham, Carrie Hyde and Laura Hanyzewski all put pressure on the 10-minute per mile standard as Carrie and Laura finished in identical times of 2:12:41 while Llana was three seconds ahead of the duo.

Lauren Hoffart finished in 2:15:41 as Paul Vita and Richard Tong tried to chase her down with marks of 2:20:43 and 2:26-even, respectively.

Volte friend Nilay Dinc crossed in 2:28:09, Leah Bolton in 2:36:50 and Oswaldo Amador - Keri's husband - finished his first half marathon in 2:48:36.

Seven of our Voltes ran the Fidelity Investments The Woodlands Marathon as did four of our Volte friends.

Two debut marathons and a pair of BQ's -- and a couple of close calls on the latter.

Keri Amador channeled her husband's good half marathon vibes to post a 2:32 personal best (previous was January's Chevron Houston Marathon) that gave her a Boston Qualifier of 3:37:46.

Starting the push down along The Woodlands Waterway for a BQ is Keri Amador.
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)
Needing a 3:45 or better showing, Juliee Sparks also grabbed a BQ with a great effort of 3:41:20.

Getting some encouragement from Derek Bailey, Juliee Sparks wasn't too far at this point from her BQ.
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)
It is almost certain that Keri will have to run another marathon to actually be able to register as runners for the 2018 Boston Marathon needed to better their age and gender standard by at least three minutes and 23 seconds.

Sparks' standard-beating margin of 3:40 would have allowed her entry, but may not in 2019.

Meredith Moss couldn't have gotten any closer to getting a BQ as she finished in 3:40:01 - one second off of the standard.

Meredith Moss was all smiles on her way to The Woodlands Marathon finish line.
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)
At last year's The Woodlands Marathon, Mayra Caamano ran her second-best marathon effort ever (3:27:14 over 25.4 miles), but the course was eight-tenths of a mile short because a lead vehicle took runners the wrong direction early in the race.

Still, Caamano worked closer to her second Boston Qualifier with a 3:47:44 showing - her third best of eight career marathons.

Brian Schultz finished his 23rd career marathon.  Andrew Smith broke the proverbial tape in 4:29:26 while Amanda Becker finished her first marathon in 6:21:09 - just under the official cutoff.

Volte friends Gus Murillo and Luis Murillo battled it out as brothers often do with times of 3:01:22 and 3:06:56.  Bob Looney stopped the clock in 3:48:23 while Christina Gray did so in 4:43:06.

Another first-time marathon finish came from Lisa Johnson the next day at the Little Rock Marathon in Arkansas as she recorded a time of 6:54:51.

She had run the 5K the day before in 45:48.

Steven Lopez finished the race's 16th annual running in 4:58:02 for his 18th state to finish a marathon in.

Next door in Lafayette, Louisiana, Ruth Perez grabbed second place in her age group with a 2:16:08 time at the Zydeco Half Marathon on Sunday, March 4.

Later that evening, five Voltes and two friends showed up for The Woodlands Running Club Sunday Night 5K at Barbara Bush Elementary.

Jerritt Park led all Voltes in 21:52.  Larry Batton and George Rux followed in 23:57 and 24:41, respectively, while friends Curtis Barton and Jon Walk came along in 25:47 and 31:56.

Alfredo and Letty Gonzalez finished in 41:05 and 50:46, respectively.

The following weekend, it was the Volte ladies and Juan at the Zooma Half Marathon, 10K and 5K in Bastrop.

Griselda Borrero took second in her age group in the half marathon in 2:00:44 while Juan Flores paced Leanne Rosser to a 2:05:59 third place AG finish.

In the 10K, Marta Mixa won her age group in 1:06:17.  Michelle Hanes stopped the clock in 1:12:24, while Falon Gunter and Dawn Johnson ran together for a finish of 1:22:20.

Mary Carter and Lynn Smith also completed the 10K in 1:31:05 and 1:41:48, respectively, while Letty Gonzalez was third in her age group in the 5K in 42:20.

Before the sun rose in Bastrop, Bonnie Scholz was already off and running on Friday, March 9 as she ran with the Cruzin Crusaders team in 200-mile Ragnar Relay Luckenbach from San Marcos to Luckenbach.

Scholz's team finished in 32 hours, 48 minutes and 20 seconds, good for second in their division.

In Houston's Memorial Park, Laura Godfrey ran strong to grab third in her age group in the Memorial Park Conservancy Brunch Run 4-Miler on Saturday, March 10 in 29:11.

Volte friend Carlos Rodriguez was the only one that got to the finish line sooner in 28:49 while another Volte friend Sonia Dhodapkar was next in 30:32.

Amber Speers and Volte friend Vincent Attanucci posted times of 35:47 and 38:53, respectively, while Volte friend Jon Walk exacted a little revenge on his daughter, Waverly, for her half marathon win last month.

Dad led wire-to-wire in a time of 40:46 while Waverly prepared for the next battle with a fine showing of 41:30.

And Lauren and Jared Hoffart actually kicked off Spring Break by teaming up for a 2:28:17 Team Hoffart showing at the San Diego Half Marathon Relay on Sunday, March 11.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Volte Wrapped Up March in Fine Fashion

Volte was busy during Spring Break 2018, even though the race card tends to gets a bit thin as race personnel and volunteers spend well-deserved off time with their families too.

However, a pair of greater Houston area standards played host to some of our runners - and Volte friends.

One of the two oldest 10-kilometer races in the state of Texas along with the Capital 10K in Austin, the HARRA-produced Bayou City Classic 10K - held on Saturday, March 17 - saw Jerritt Park recording a 44:50 time while Greg Nettleton and Tim Russell checked in with respective efforts of 47:25 and 56:14.

Former Volte coach Adrienne Langelier captured second in her age group with a fine 41:52 showing while Vince Attanucci chimed in with a time of 54:58.

Further south of downtown, also on Saturday, March 17, we had another trio racing the Seabrook Lucky Trail Half Marathon.

Monica Moreno led our athletes with a 2:39:21 on the double-loop course.

Christine Falzon completed her first career half marathon in 2;58:47 while Jimmy Baker collected a time of 3:01:12.

Volte friend Sabina Lorca-Acosta was second in her age group in 1:48:28 while Ken Johnson won first in his age group with his 101st career half marathon.

"I completed one of my goals yesterday in Seabrook," said Ken.  "I ran my 101st half marathon (13.1 miles) in honor of all those who have served with the 101st Airborne Division, the unit I served with at Fort Campbell, KY and Vietnam in 1967-68.  In 2014, I ran my 101st (and last) full marathon.

"I won first place in my 75-79 age group and yep, I was the only one in that age group."

Something to be said for showing up.

The never ending battle for running supremacy in the Hanyzewski household added another chapter to its epic tale as Brian and Laura combined forces to run as "Team Hanas" during the Seabrook Lucky Trail Two-Person Half Marathon Relay on Sunday, March 18.

Team Hanas - working together - at the Seabrook Lucky Trail Two-Person Half Marathon Relay.
(Photo courtesy of the Hanyzewski family.)
Team Hanas finished in 1:58:31 with Brian covering his 6.55-mile loop in 1:00:16 and Laura finishing hers in 58:15.

We call this a family draw - and a good time racing in a fun atmosphere at Seabrook's Rex Meador Park.

The following Saturday, March 24, Maryanne Svoboda and Lauren Hoffart competed in the Run Houston Minute Maid Park 5K and posted efforts of 25:47 and 33:18, respectively.

Volte friend Rob Rodriguez was the second men's master in the 10K with a time of 45:02.  Mary-Ellen Wilderman-Hay was the first grandmaster in 49:42 while her husband Brad finished in 1:02:01.

Also that same morning, two races were held within a mile of each other in Springwoods Village - just south of the Harris County/Montgomery County line.

The entire Hyde family ran in the United Way 5K, held completely within the confines of the ExxonMobil Campus.

Carrie led the family with a time of 29:03.  Alexander followed Mom in 32:09, while brother Braeden outsprinted his dad, Ray, to finish in 33:22 - five seconds ahead of him.

On the south side of Springwoods Village, Landa Wright was the first women across the finish line in the Springwoods Village 5K which was presented by CHI St. Luke's Health.

She posted a winning time of 24:09.  Gabby Westbrook was second overall in 24:34.

Our three Volte ladies at the Springwoods Village 5K - Gabby Westbrook, Waverly Walk and Landa Wright.
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)
Round three of the 2018 Walk family running competition went to Waverly as she held off her Dad, Jon, with a three-second win, 30:39 to 30:42.

Far to the west Jessy Orlando and Tim Russell participated on the "Bushel of Apples" team that ran the 180-mile Texas Independence Relay from Gonzales to Houston.

The team finished in 31:25:30 and included the following team members:  Stacey Griggs Keener, Denise Rosales, Kristin Sissom, Jennifer Stevens, Bridget Hodge, Liz Koehler, Jennifer Ashmore and Mary Kerschbaum.

Sunday, March 25, a solid group ran in the Texas 10 Series race in College Station.

In the marquee 10-mile race, Amanda Jenkins led Volte as the first overall female in 1:08:15.

First is better than "3" as Amanda Jenkins led all women at Texas 10 College Station.
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)
First place age group winners included Rip Reynolds and Jerritt Park in 1:10:37 and 1:12:59, respectively.

Running in his collegiate home, Mike Csikos sported a swift time of 1:14:47.

Nothing put a smile on the face of "Sunshine" (aka Mike Csikos) than running in Aggieland.
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)
Keri Amador took second in her age group in 1:21:58 while Mike Kuykendall crossed the finish line surrounded by the Hanyzewski family.

Mike broke the tape in 1:32:52 as Laura finished in front of him in 1:31:33 while Brian followed in 1:33:49.

Brayden Park ran his usual 5K and 1-mile double and won his age group in the 5K in 26:47.

Volte friend Ken Johnson was second in his age group in the 10-mile in 2:27:25, while Ray and Diana Sarno both completed the 5-miler in 1:06:12.

The last Saturday of the month, Easter Saturday, saw Jerritt Park improve upon his Bayou City Classic 10K time with a mark of 43:42 at the Green 6.2 in City Centre Houston on the west side of town.

Figuring Waverly would take him to task again, Dad race announced Green 6.2 while Waverly nearly broke an hour with a fine showing of 1:00:26.

And, saving the best for last, Bill Dwyer recorded a 38:26 time in virtual race of the Superfly Galactic Hero 5K that was held on Saturday, March 31 in Ann Arbor, Michigan - as he attempts to complete his goal of one race a month for 2018.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Volte Loved February and February Loved Its Runners Back

As a large number of our runners spent the month of February either recovering from their efforts at the Chevron Houston Marathon and the Aramco Houston Half or completing training for The Woodlands Marathon, Volte still had plenty competing in a menagerie of races throughout the Lone Star State.

Except for Bonnie Scholz, who took off to Page, Arizona on Saturday, February 24 to complete her second career 50-miler at the Antelope Canyon Ultramarathon.

She finished in 11 hours, 47 minutes and 49 seconds, 97th among 212 finishers, 33rd women and eighth of 26 finishers in her 40-44 age group.

Next in the distance club for the month was David Campbell, who placed second in his age group at the Rocky Raccoon 50K Trail Run on Saturday, February 10 in Huntsville State Park.

Campbell completed the course in 5:18:08.

Capitaizing on her Chevron Houston Marathon fitness at the start of the month was Waverly Walk.

She and her father, Jon, traveled to Waxahachie to compete in the Southwestern Assemblies of God University (SAGU) Half Marathon on Saturday, February 3.

Dad held an advantage for the first seven miles before Waverly put the hammer down and completed the long course in 2:14:12 - six minutes ahead of Jon who finished in 2:20:17.

The course map was printed as 13.25 miles and as runners approached the mile 13 mark, the finish was more than just a tenth of a mile away.

Later that evening, a handful of Voltes picked up 2017 Texas 10 Series age group awards at the Armadillo Cup and Ten Gallon Cup Awards Party in Cypress.

Volte Endurance Training was fifth overall.

Jerritt Park and Keri Amador was first in the respective age groups while Alfredo Gonzalez was third in his.

Park led us at The Woodlands Running Club Sunday Night 5K on Sunday, February 4.

He ran the out-and-back course in 20:39.  Mayra Caamano and Monica Moreno finished in 25:23 and 31:18, respectively. 
Monica Moreno starting her second loop in the Barbara Bush parking lot at the TWRC Sunday Night 5K.
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)
Seven Hills Running Club friend and resident of The Woodlands Curtis Barton posted a time of 28:52.

Maryanne Svoboda recorded a first place age group finish the following Saturday, February 10 at the Klein Bearkat Bash 5K with a showing of 26:50.

The next day, George Rux and Griselda Borrero got the Volte multisport season kicked off for 2018 with their participation in the Du The Polar Bear Duathlon in Cypress on Sunday, February 11.

George won his age group with a time of 1:10:16, while Griselda was third in hers in 1:14:37.

Their split times were as follows:

George - 2-mi run 17:01, T1 1:53, 10-mi bike 34:30, T2 0:42, 2-mi run 16:51
Griselda - 2-mi run 16:56, T1 1:29, 10-mi bike 37:38, T2 1:19, 2-mi run 17:13

The second annual Montgomery County Meals on Wheels Miles for Meals 5K was held at B-52 Brewing Company in Conroe on Saturday, February 17 - and Volte and friends represented.

Landa Wright led us in a time of 23:25.  Megan Eastin finished the out-and-back course in 27:35.

Mary-Ellen Wilderman-Hay paced our Volte friends with a 23:49 effort, while husband Brad followed in 27:28.  Maygen Ritchie stopped the clock in 29:25.

A large group of Voltes supported Rob and Debra Myers who sponsored the Out of the Darkness Walk in The Woodlands on Saturday, February 17 through their company Enfusia.

Deb Myers (above) spoke to participants at the Out of the Darkness Walk as her company Enfusia was a sponsor.
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)
An untimed two-mile walk was completed by Debra Myers, Rob Myers, Bill Dwyer, Leanne Rosser, Larry Batton, Greg Nettleton, Marta Mixa, Alfredo Gonzalez, Letty Gonzalez, Carrie Hyde, Llana Bingham, Dana Formon, Mayra Caamano, Brooke Kramer and Chloe Kramer.

Our awesome Volte walk team in support of the Myers at the Out of the Darkness Walk.
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)
Lauren and Jared Hoffart kicked off the Rodeo Houston spirit the following morning, Sunday, February 18 at Karbach Brewing Company in Houston.

They ran the Rodeo Clown Roundup 5K with Lauren taking second in her age group in 29:17 while Jared finished in 40:07.

At the Austin Half Marathon the same morning, Juan Flores got in a good test for April's Boston Marathon with a 1:45:28 showing on the hilly course.

Monica Moreno and Naika Vargas finished in 2:33:08 and 2:39:59, respectively, while Volte friend Sabina Lorca-Acosta nailed down a time of 1:49:08.

The big event on Saturday, February 24 was the Pathfinder Pediatric 2K in The Woodlands.

Held a week earlier of The Woodlands Marathon for the first time, Volte had a host of boys and girls participating.

Some had participated in The Woodlands Running Club Juniors program and picked up an extra medal for running 25 miles on their way to race day.

Jackie Medina finishes up the Pathfinder Pediatric 2K in The Woodlands.
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)
Completing the 2K were - in addition to Volte friends Kate, Jack and Anna LooneyFaith Craig and her children Abby and Roger Craig; Kristi Park and her daughter Riley; Amanda Becker and children Caitlyn and Tyler; Keri Amador and her son Lucas; Monse Louimeus and her daughter Jackie Medina; Gabby Westbrook and her daughter Olivia; Carrie Hyde and her sons Alexander and Braeden, and Brian Jackson and his daughter Emma.

The Volte crew welcomes Olivia Westbrook after she finished the Pathfinder Pediatric 2K in The Woodlands.
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)
Geri Henry won her age group in the Cleft Smiles 5K the same morning in The Woodlands with a time of 35:58.

Monica Moreno completed her busy February with a 1:05:03 finish at the ConocoPhillips Rodeo Run 10K in Houston on Saturday, the 24th.

Penny Garza also represented Volte in the 5K in 50:41.

Volte friends Scott Farrand, Sabina Lorca-Acosta and John Laskowski all ran the 10K. 

Sabina led the trio with a time of 50:40, while Scott, likely in his distinctive orange hat, was just three seconds off of Sabina while John finished - certainly with a smile - in 53:12.