Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Volte Puts A Big Exclamation Point on Ten For Texas

Not every Ohio State graduate or fan can "dot the I".

They can -- and did, however -- anchor the exclamation point -- of the team's fine showing at this year's Memorial Hermann Ten For Texas in The Woodlands.

One of four marquee events -- including the Chevron Houston Marathon, The Woodlands Marathon and GE Run Thru The Woods -- that Volte is very well-represented at every year, 37 runners were in the starting chute of this year's 9th annual running of the event.

West Virginia native (and our resident Buckeye - see the temporary tattoo on the right cheek below) Skye Taylor led the way with a women's second-place overall time of 1:07:17.

Skye is all smiles with her first-place age group award:  almost bigger than her native West Virginia.
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)
She wasn't the only lady to take home hardware though.

Patty Williamson won her age group in a time of 1:23:55 while Jennifer Rowe and Geri Henry were third place in their respective divisions in times of 1:16:36 and 1:54:19.

Rowe did so while helping Sandra Tezino forge a 10-minute personal best -- one of nine Volte PR's on the morning.

Jennifer Rowe glides to an impressive finish.
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)
The muggy day at the start - which lasted about an hour into the race before a somewhat cool breeze and light rain descended on the course -- dampened PR plans of many, but certainly didn't the spirit of our runners.

Five runners got under the 1:20 barrier including Alex Picozza (1:11:21), Justin Bui (1:12:57), Will Ott (1:17:48), Reggie Bruhn (1:18:25) and Brandi Herrera (1:19:21).

Six averaged less than nine minutes per mile as they broke 1:30.

They included Yaya Herrera (1:22:39), Pam Owens (1:24:25), Alan Ramsey (1:25:50), Lenore McDonald (1:28:32), Leanne Rosser (1:28:40) and Lauren Hoffart (1:28:46).

Sandra Tezino was on her toes with a 10-minute PR!
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)
Meanwhile, Jill Tresaugue was right on the money -- 1:30:00 even.

The guys dominated the 1:30-window as Alan Gastineau led a group of six in 1:30:22, followed by John McDonald (1:31:08), Rob Myers (1:31:54), Mark Zimmer (1:31:55), Paul Vita (1:38:32) and Debra Myers (1:39:51).

Nine runners had times within three (3) minutes of each other.

They included Dayna Longnecker (1:40:10), Michelle McGill who paced her daughter, Amanda Williams to a time of 1:41:01, Michell Bradie (1:41:24), Rich Cooper (1:41:30), Sean Lagunas (1:41:48), Lori Carter (1:42:05) and Marta Mixa (1:42:32).

Rich Cooper's (right) pre-race prayer for cooler temperatures ... brought rain!
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)
JC Morrell finished in 1:45:22 while Kate Jackson and Sandy Jones followed in 1:47:38 and 1:51:15, respectively.

Todd Snider paced Tabitha Young as they both cheated two hours out of winning -- Todd in 1:59:57 and Tabitha in 1:59:44.

Volte, of course, has awesome friends -- and they did awesome as well.

Jill Treasaugue's son, Ryan, age 11, took his age group in a blazing time of 1:05:59.

Volte's massage therapist, Ray Arroyo, a multi-time Ironman, glided through the course in 1:13:14 while Finish Strong Racing's Gabby Coates, who's training for next May's Ironman Texas, and Jeanette Hagelskaer, who was getting ready for the Marine Corps Marathon, finished in 1:26:52 and 1:27:39, respectively.

Buoyed by Rich Cooper's pre-race team prayer, Volte athletes got support from Bill Dwyer, Dave Odom, Mary Carter, Juliee Sparks, Keith Wiley and Adrienne Langelier.

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