Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Are You Volte, a Volte Friend or Volte Alumni?

What flavor of Volte are you?!  :-)

We're not talking about chocolate, vanilla or strawberry.  (Yes, you ice cream fans, together, that's Neapolitan.  And, yes, some are Googling *that* now.)

On our blog and Facebook page, we use the terms:  Volte, Voltes, Volte friend or Volte alumni.

Let us help.

If somebody is referred to as Volte or we talk about multiple individuals as Voltes, these are athletes who are either being trained or coached by a Volte coach or just simply an athlete who identifies with us and wears our gear.

These folks don't even have to be local anymore.

We have Criss Neumann and her husband in Germany, Jen Smith in England and Carrie Hyde in Canada representing us in foreign countries.

We're good either way. 

Just be a good citizen in the endurance sports community - and society as a whole.

Volte alumni.

This is an individual who at one time in the past trained with us or was coached by one of our coaches. 

Situations and circumstances have changed in those individuals' lives where they may have been a "one and done" athlete at a particular distance, they joined another training group or running club or they've gone on to start their own group. 

No matter what, if we see you do well at any event, whether we have a Volte athlete there or not, we're going to celebrate your success.  Why wouldn't we?

In most cases, we like to think you're still part of us!

And finally, who's a Volte friend?

Throughout any given year, and over the last 20-plus years of coaching athletes of all ages, Volte meets many, many incredible people in our endurance sports communities who have been an encouragement to our coaches individually or our group as a whole. 

The majority of the time these individuals join a Volte member on a long run or at an event and they become just like family to our group.

That's the mark of a Volte friend and as we say often, we're glad to have each and every one of them.

So, thank you for reading our blog and following us on Facebook.

And never hesitate to drop in and join us at track on Tuesday or Wednesday nights or for our long run on Saturday morning.  We're here to help!

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