Sunday, April 25, 2021

Better Than The Classic 70's Sitcom, Volte's Eight Was More Than Enough at Cypress 10

And today’s Cypress 10 puts a wrap on the 2020-2021 Texas 10 Series.

Congratulations to our three money winners in the Armadillo Cup standings – Erika Sampson, Darren Hadden and Mayra Caamano.

Thank you to each one of our athletes and friends who either scored points for us in the Ten Gallon Cup competition or were just plain awesome by being out and supporting a great Series.

Thank you to Bill Dwyer, Layton Gill and Rich Cooper, all of whom were out in attendance today and who supported everyone throughout the Series, including making adjustments in training schedules for many athletes to run more races in it.

It was great to be live and local – and absolutely no virtual.

Great looking bunch of Voltes and friends.
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)

Volte was eight for eight today in the group with four PR’s, including three in the 10-miler and first timers are PR's, right?  :-)

Special shout-out to Brooke Hadden, Darren’s daughter, who ran her first 5K today in 32:21 and finishing second in her age group.

Well done, Brooke!

This is the sign of "Running Happy" by Brooke Hadden in her first 5K.
With a first name of Brooke, shouldn't Brooks be signing her to a contract?  :-)
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)

Our friends did excellent in the 5K as well – Alvaro and Lusi Trejo with the Tough Runners Club finished second and third in their age group in respective times of 25:08 and 29:01.

They were the only two runners who ran every single 5K in the entire Series.

Strike Force Racing’s Dee Akers – and a long-time friend to us here at Volte – was first in her age group.

Couldn't have framed this picture better if we tried!
Strike Force Racing's Dee Akers flanked by our Tammy Grado and Paolo Biagi.
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)

In the five-miler, it was great to welcome Paolo Biagi and Tammy Grado back to this year’s Texas 10 Series after Tammy ran the 10-miler at Conroe and Paolo the five-miler.

With the pushback of Ironman Texas to the second Saturday in October, it allowed them to get out and run together today to a time of 41:39.  

Paolo earned first in his age group, while Tammy took second in hers.

We certainly cannot wait to cheer them, Yaya Herrera and Gabby Westbrook on at Ironman Texas in the early fall.

After running the 10-miler at both Bridgeland @Conroe and Huntsville, Paul Roche ran the five-miler in 51:51 and won his age group.

Five of our friends ran the five-miler and three of them ran every race while the other two only missed Conroe in late November.

Erin and Jimmie Gowton and Ken Johnson all ran every five-miler, while Ray and Dianna Sarno ran six.

Erin was second in her age group in 42:24, her third best time of the seven, while Jimmie stopped the clock in 47:37, tying his Katy time two weeks ago as his best of the Series.

Ken finished in 1:13:33.  

On Saturday, Ken also finished his 100th Run The Woodlands 5K at Barbara Bush Elementary in 44:36.

Ray and Dianna Sarno ran together and finished in 56:37 as Ray grabbed second in his age group.

They saved the best for last as it was their best time of the Series.

Left to right, Darren Hadden, Rob Gay and Roger King take aim at keeping up with the women's leader Heather Oliva out of the chute.  Darren would finish six seconds behind the 2020 Olympic Marathon Trials competitor.
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)

In the 10-miler, we had two age group wins, four age group placements and three PR’s.

I think George Jones sang that that would be hotter than a two-dollar pistol!

It was great watching Darren Hadden flying toward the finish line to break 1:02 and lower his personal best by 37 seconds with his time of 1:01:53.

He was the seventh overall male in a masters-laden field, which he placed fourth in.

For those of you counting at home, that is six races and six first-place age group wins for Darren.

Roger King lowered his personal best by 12 seconds with a second-place age group winning time of 1:03:46.  His previous best time came in the Series’ first race in Conroe.

I am sure if Darren could have given five of his faster seconds away, he would have given them to Rob Gay.

After an impressive jaunt last week to bring his best time down to 1:10:14, Rob was on a mission to break 1:10, but came up four seconds short.

Rumor has it that Rob already has the countdown clock started:  Five months and one day to Sienna 10 to kick off the 2021-2022 Texas 10 Series.

And Erika Sampson won her age group for the fifth time in seven races with a time of 1:14:08.

Speaking of our Volte friends in the 10-miler, Mark Amann won his fifth consecutive Texas 10 Series race, with a winning mark of 55:15.

Amann has now won seven races all-time in the Texas 10 Series, tying him with Ryan Miller.

Kevin Baker was second in his age group to seal up the Armadillo Cup win in the men’s 45-49 division – the same one that Darren finished third in.

Rip Reynolds and Josh Rivas finished in respective times of 1:07:21 and 1:11:26, while Northside Running’s Christina Gray and Woodlands Fit’s Randy Bradley closed things out with efforts of 1:26:17 and 1:41:46.

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