Monday, May 3, 2021

Rains, Heat and Humidity Fail to Befall Volte The First Weekend of May

After three good weekends of racing weather, Mother Nature figured it was time to put her foot down.

Rains on Saturday, and then Sunday was the first race day of 2021 where heat and humidity showed that they were in charge.

Volte got started at Woods Edge Community Church in The Woodlands on Saturday morning at the Run for Hope 5K and 10K.

Christopher and Stephanie Reed ran the 5K in near identical times of 23:21 and 23:15, respectively, and both won their age group while Scott Haney finished the 10K in 58:45.

Sunday, Volte had almost 20 participating in the Vintage Park Half Marathon, 5K and 1K.

Luis Murillo gets ready to make the turn to be the third overall finisher in the 5K on Sunday.
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)

One of our top performances came in the 5K as Luis Murillo ran a PR of 16:32 en route to a third overall placement and first in his age group.

But three more would follow in kind – a new personal best and an age group win.

Maria Sanchez was next with a win in her 20-24 division with a time of 21:00.

After cleaning up in the Texas 10 Series with an Armadillo Cup win in her 45-49 age group, Erika Sampson kept her winning ways going with a mark of 21:47.

And Jane Campbell ruled the 40-44 division with a time of 22:45.

Auggie Campbell, Jane’s husband, and Rich Cooper rounded out our 5K field with times of 24:04 and 28:42, respectively.

Solid, steady performance turned in by coach Rich Cooper on Sunday in the 5K.
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)

In the half marathon, Volte had a group of eight including five of our friends.

Juan Murillo led us with a 1:37:20 effort followed by Alejandro Bedoya’s 1:43:54.

Three weeks out from the Buffalo Marathon, Steven Sfeir ran 2:03:55 with Jason Bodie, whose official time was a second more.

Michael Gayle and Scott Haney ran the entire way for a 2:06:27 finish.

Too much fun?  No such thing with Scott Haney and Michael Gayle in Sunday's Half Marathon.
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)

Jose Murillo was second overall in his 70-and-over division, covering the distance in 2:08:54 and less than three minutes out of first behind Houston Masters Sports Association’s Fred Ward.

Diana Gayle turned in a very nice performance of 2:21:03, staying under 11 minutes per mile on a tough day.

Volte friends saw Rip Reynolds clocking a time of 1:31:18 followed by Paul Blutt’s 1:33:15 that allowed him to grab third place in his age group.

Terrence Baptiste won his age group in 1:36:49.

As she did at The Woodlands Half Marathon in March, Erika Park paced Pam Greene to a first-place age group win with a time of 1:47:22 while finishing second in her own 45-49 herself.

Cristina Gray rounded out our friends’ efforts with a time of 2:06:44.

And, of course, the best is saved for last – the Kids’ 1K.

Evie Campbell grabbed first in her age group with a one-kilometer time of 3:54, while brother Simon finished in 4:13 but missed out by one spot of winning an award.

With grandmother Erika Sampson behind them cheering and filming, Logan Jenkins and Whitley Sampson ran the distance in 6:47 and 10:15, respectively.

Volte closed out Sunday with a solid group at The Woodlands Running Club Sunday Night 5K.

Darren Hadden dominated with a winning time of 19:09.

Jerritt Park was second in 22:30 while Jane Campbell was the first female finisher in 24:53.

Steven Sfeir, after running a half earlier in the morning, led Volte friend Curtis Barton, across the line with a mark of 25:52.  Barton was less than a minute behind in 26:48.

George Rux finished a little bit ahead of Brooke Hadden.  George made it in 31:42 while Brooke ran almost an identical time to what she did at Cypress last Sunday.  She finished in 32:27.

And 1K wasn’t enough for Simon Campbell, his Dad, Auggie, ran the 5K with him and they stopped the clock in 35:41.

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