Thursday, December 9, 2021

Volte Shines On Its Home Turf at Texas 10 Conroe

In the Texas 10 Series, Conroe has always been Volte's home turf.

Sure, we typically travel as well as many of the other clubs that frequent the Series on a regular basis, but you can't beat the shorter drives there and to Huntsville.

Well, on the latter, too, to break bread with our good friends from the Seven Hills Running Club.

On this day, Volte did well.

Nineteen runners among the three races.  

Sixteen age group placements, enough glassware to stock the local IHOP.

And eight new personal bests.

We also got to see Volte friend Norman Langwell return to local racing along with his great wife, Tiffany.  

They had both, for many years, been parts of our local running community in the The Woodlands area.

They were two of 19 of our friends who were out racing too on Sunday, November 28.

Luis Murillo became only the second Volte to win a Texas 10 Series 5K - joining eight-time winner Brayden Park - with the fastest time of the 2021-2022 Texas 10 Series, 17:26.  

Brother Juan was third overall and first in his age group with a time of 19:29, the fourth fastest of four races so far in the current Series cycle.

Juan Murillo nice and steady coming in for a third place overall finish in the 5K.
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)

Their father Jose, who is 70, won his age group in 24:44.  Only one other individual 50 or older has run a faster time than Jose this cycle.

Coach Layton Gill took second in his age group in 26:26 while Volte friends Tiffany Langwell and Debbie Tripp finished in 40:14 and 48:16, respectively.  Debbie was second in her age group.

Talk about a fast five mile race - six age group awards and three personal bests.

And three Voltes put times down that were in the best seven so far of the 2021-2022 Texas 10 Series.

Robert King was second overall (first in his age group) in 31:34 with Brayden Park and his brother Roger close behind.

Brayden was third overall in 31:57 - a new personal best for first in his age group, while Roger was five seconds behind in 32:02, good for second place in his division.

Ironman training partners Paolo Biagi and Tammy Grado are going on a hardware run like some high rollers in Vegas here recently.

Paolo ran his fastest five mile time ever while picking up a second place award in 37 minutes even while Tammy was first in hers in 40:37.

Coach Rich Cooper ready to make a break to the right to the 5M finish line.
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)

Coach Rich Cooper scored a new five-mile best time of 44:28 while George Rux, one of his athletes, was first in his division in 49:20.

George Rux's training is paying off; running strong.
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)

Our Volte friends did well too.

Sonia Dhodapkar was first in her age group in 38:39.  Randy Bradley and Alvaro Trejo finished within a minute of each other in 51:14 and 51:53, respectively.

Alvaro's wife Lusi finished in 53:48 while Dianna and Ray Sarno covered the distance in 57:48.  Ray was second in his age group.

Ken Johnson was third in his age group in 1:17:08.

Dianna, Ray and Ken have all run all four 5-milers in the current 2021-2022 Texas 10 Series.

Six age group awards and five personal bests for Volte in the 10-Miler.

Christopher Branch led our group of eight runners with a first place age group - and personal best - time of 1:07:36, while Jerritt Park was second in his age group in 1:12:32.  He has run all four 10-milers in the current Texas 10 Series cycle and has finished in first, second, third and fourth.

Christopher Branch, heading towards the end of the first loop, ended up beating Jesus Moreno (590) by nearly two minutes.
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)

Jason Bodie was the second of our runners with a personal best, running nicely with a mark of 1:15:16 but his age division is a beast where he finished sixth.

Four of the top 40-44 women's times this Series were run at Conroe, led by our Mayra Caamano and Judith Albarran, where they went first and second in the division (and they are the third and fourth best times of the current Series).

Judith Albarran wrapping up the first five-mile loop; was down 23 seconds before closing it to seven seconds for second place in her division.
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)

Mayra had her fourth straight Texas 10 Series time in the 1:17 minute, including the last three races of last year's Series, and won the division in 1:17:19 with Judith seven seconds behind with a brand new personal best of 1:17:26.

Caamano has run 17 Texas 10 Series races dating back to 2013 and has never finished out of the top three.

11/28/21 - 1:17:21 - Conroe - 1 (7 OA)
04/18/21 - 1:17:18 - Sienna - 2 (9 OA)
04/11/21 - 1:17:07 - Katy - 1
03/28/21 - 1:17:14 - Huntsville - 1 (8 OA)
01/31/21 - 1:18:34 - College Station - 3
11/29/20 - 1:15:37 - Conroe - 3
12/01/19 - 1:12:56 - Conroe - 1 (4 OA)
12/02/18 - 1:15:07 - Conroe - 2 
12/06/15 - 1:12:57 - Conroe - 1 (6 OA)
12/07/14 - 1:16:17 - Conroe - 2 (6 OA)
11/02/14 - 1:15:43 - Katy - 1 (6 OA)
10/12/14 - 1:16:13 - Fort Worth - 2 (4 OA)
05/10/14 - 1:21:50 - Plano - 2 (6 OA)
04/13/14 - 1:17:06 - Huntsville - 1 (7 OA)
12/07/13 - 1:14:41 - Conroe - 2 (5 OA)
09/29/13 - 1:15:32 - Katy - 1 (6 OA)
04/06/13 - 1:17:17 - Huntsville - 2 (4 OA)

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Rob Gay has run all four Texas 10 Series races this cycle, but grabbed his first age group placement of the season with a third place time of 1:20:04

A pair of personal bests were in order for Kyley Hampton and Sue Griffis.

Kyley Hampton leading a local legend in James Griffis into the finish.
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)

Kyley's 1:25:44 was one spot off of the podium, which she made the last race at Katy, while Sue was third in her division in 1:34:44.

Volte friends Lu Buoanga and Mark Amann both cracked an hour as they finished second and third overall - behind winner Oscar Garcia - in times of 56:25 and 57 minutes even.

Lu Buoanga has now finished first and second in the last two Texas 10 Series races.
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)

Rip Reynolds was first in his age group in 1:09:15.

Terrence Baptiste finished a place in front of Bodie in their men's 50-54 division with a time of 1:12:39.

John Slate and James Griffis were second and third, respectively, in theirs with times of 1:24:33 and 1:26:07.

Judy Selfridge finished in 1:31:48 while Erin and Jimmie Gowton got their fourth straight Texas 10 finish of the current Series with marks of 1:34:44 and 1:44:43, respectively.

And Norman Langwell made his Texas 10 Series debut in 1:51:30, which may have been his first race in nearly 13 years.

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