Tuesday, February 15, 2022

From Volte With Love, Running Into Valentine's Day

Despite freezing temperatures in the greater Houston area weekend on Saturday and Sunday, February 12-13, Volte athletes and our friends ran very well as many dial-in for The Woodlands Marathon and Half Marathon coming up in just under three weeks.

Officially joining our group a few weeks ago after training with us off and on the last few year, Angel Martinez Interiano won his age group in 20:02 at one of the largest, yet unknown 5K races in the city, the Steps For Students 5K, which raises monies for Catholic schools in the greater Houston area.

Last weekend, Lillian Evans was winning first place.

Saturday, at the Katy Half Marathon, she was holding her pace -- as the 2:05 pacer!

She said it was her first time to officially pace a race and "got the team across the line on time" with a finishing time of 2:05:29.

Meanwhile, our friends blew out the awards chest.

Volte alumni Kate Looney (Mach5 Racing) was the first overall woman in 1:31:38 while Volte friend Mark Amann was second overall in 1:19:47.  Rip Reynolds (Fleet Feet) was first in his age group in 1:33:48 while C. Stevenson-Lake was second in hers in 1:45:45.

Another Volte alum, Dave Odom, ran the Mesa Half Marathon in 1:54:47 the same morning, February 12, in Mesa, Arizona.

Paolo Biagi and Tammy Grado were there to run the marathon in respective times of 4:09:00 and 4:15:13, respectively.

Volte friend and Waco Miracle Match Marathon race director Nancy Goodnight ran the marathon, where she finished third in her age group in 3:24 -- good for a brand new personal best ... at the age of 55!

Nancy has finished every single Memorial Hermann Ironman Texas and this past year did Ironman on Saturday and Boston on Monday.

Former Volte coach Adrienne Langelier notched a time in Mesa of 3:27:29.

Volte friends Jon Walk and Ken Johnson ran the Spindle Tree parkrun 5K in Magnolia also in 33:39 and 48:04, respectively.

Then came the rescheduled Bridgeland races - the next to last race in the 2021-2022 Texas 10 Series - on Sunday, February 13.

With Erika Sampson and Jen Smith out to support Volte and our friends, a good day was had by all.

Christopher Reed and Stephanie Reed represented us in the 5K with times of 20:12 and 22:57, respectively, that were good for second and first.

The Reeds waiting pensively for the start of the 5K!
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)

Volte friend Velvia Keithley of the Seven Hills Running Club came in at 1:05:22.

In the five-miler, Volte grabbed a pair of second place age group awards as Jane Campbell record a new personal best in 36:54 while Mike Kuykendall enjoyed a time of 50:57.

Good to see Mike back in blue as he put together a solid 5M performance on Sunday.
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)

"It was an epic five-mile race," he said.  "(My) fastest pace since knee surgery.  Only decided to run this one the day before and enjoyed hanging with my Volte teammates."

Volte friends Tiffany Langwell and Ken Johnson finished in 1:07:19 and 1:16:51, respectively.  Ken's time was good for third in his age group.

And in the 10-mile race, we had six Voltes and six friends toe the line.

Still leveraging his 2:39 marathon fitness from Houston a few weeks ago, Lu Bouanga won his second Texas 10 race ever with a time of 59:50.  He and women's winner Heather Oliva from San Antonio were misdirected and ran an extra kilometer.

Lu continues to run incredibly well, picking his second win of the 2021-2022 Texas 10 Series.
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)

Bonus mileage is good - when it doesn't cost you the overall win!

Committing a day before and paying full price, Roger King paced Rob Gay for the second straight Texas 10 race as Roger's time of 1:12:07 earned him third place, while Rob was a second behind in 1:12:08.

Marines > Navy as Roger leads Rob through a 1:12 running of the 10-mile course.
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)

Earning an age group placement in her 18th consecutive Texas 10 Series race dating back to 2013, Mayra Caamano won her division and got back under 1:16 for the first in six Texas 10 races with a time of 1:15:58.

Auggie Campbell and Kyley Hampton belted out a pair of new personal best times with marks of 1:19:28 and 1:24:23, respectively.

Big smiles into the finish for Auggie Campbell with a brand new 10-mile personal best.
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)

C. Stephenson Lake led our Volte friends with a second place age group finish of 1:16:24.  

Northside Running's Christina Gray and Erin Gowton finished close together in 1:32:01 and 1:32:45, respectively.  Erin took first in her age group.

Erin's husband, Jimmie, hustled to a time of 1:44:11 while Norman Langwell and Paul Roche stopped the clock in 1:47:36 and 1:49:02, respectively.

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