Sunday, December 31, 2023

Volte Thanks You for a Great 2023!

Volte Endurance Training closes its 11th year tonight as strong as its ever been.  

Why?  Its people.

Every single individual that locks arms with us to do the best we can for each other and our local running communities as a whole.

Our great friend Jim Braden once said, "We're all equal if we're doing our best."

Jim's a wise man and that indeed is a wise thought.

One of the many events Volte runners excelled at this past year!
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)

It's been a good year.  In fact, a very good year.

"I'm very blessed to be around so many amazing people doing what they love," says our founder Bill Dwyer.  "It's hard to mention highlights because every workout and every race will have someone doing something special."

He had a few things on the top of his mind as we start the new year in a few hours.

They included the growth of Volte's walking group, led by Mona Draper; Lu Bouanga winning the Tunnel Light Marathon in September - the second Volte athlete ever to win a marathon, and Rob Gay hitting his BQ time not once, but twice.

He added that many runners recorded a bounty of personal bests to qualify that "very good year".

As part of the greater Spring, The Woodlands and Montgomery County endurance sports communities, we mourn with so many other groups who got to know the Barron family while they lived here in our community.  Randy and Carolyn moved to the greater Birmingham, Alabama area a couple of years ago for a great job opportunity, but Randy sadly passed away earlier this fall.  Please keep this family - his wife, Carolyn, and three young adult children - in your prayers and thoughts this New Year.

If gratitude wasn't on your Bingo card this past year, tomorrow is never too late.

Dwyer said there are many to thank from 2023.

"Debra Myers for all she does for our group," he said,  "(The) uniforms, the website, our socials, our Saturday morning team prayer and being the "team mom".  She's amazing."

He says he's thankful, of course, for every single individual in the group as well as the running community as a whole.

"All the race directors, their staff and the volunteers who help them, especially Willie Fowlkes and Roxanne Davis," he added.  "In addition to our supporters, Fleet Feet, Mobility Chiropractic and Debra's company, Enfusia/Muscle Rehab."

A short time after the Chevron Houston Marathon and the Hot Chocolate Run, Volte's annual award ceremony will be held.

Dwyer said that they're normally held the last Saturday, but this year, they'll move to the first or second Saturday in February because of the large participation in those two events.

For the uninitiated, the awards are named the Volte Takhe Kwahlal Award or the Volte Community Running Award.

"Takhe Kwahial is Oneida Indian for Running Community," Dwyer, a native of Oneida County in central New York, explained.

One award, though, has already been given out though.

"Gourav Kumar has gone home to India and we did have an advance ceremony for him last week," added Dwyer.  "He received the Spirit Award - a big heart for others - and our Zen Master Award - given for always displaying thoughtful guidance or "a super mentor".

"Chris Branch received this last year and is the reason we have the award."

The new year gives us the opportunity to pull forward great things, correct missed opportunities (such as better communication via our Facebook page and this blog), learn and do new things and work together on behalf of each other and our entire local endurance sports communities.

God bless you and thank you for all that you do to make Volte a positive and valued member of our community.

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