Sunday, December 1, 2013

8th annual Montgomery County Triple Complete

Volte Endurance Training and Friends of the Running Community (also known as Volte founder Bill Dwyer and Jon Walk) was proud to support a close-knit, yet inclusive-to-all tradition known as the Montgomery County Triple this Thanksgiving weekend.

Originally started in 2006 to help support two Montgomery County races – the City of Conroe Turkey Trot 5K, which used to be held the Friday after Thanksgiving, and the Luke’s Locker-sponsored, twice monthly Run The Woodlands 5K, Volte and FOTRC jumped in this year to host two 5Ks on Friday and Saturday as a quirk of the calendar gave us a fifth Saturday in the month of November after Thanksgiving.

We invited all of the local clubs and training groups as well as the young men and women who are part of The Woodlands Running Club’s Juniors program

We appreciate all who came out on Friday and Saturday – as well as those who contributed to the 77 canned goods that we’ll be taking to a local food bank.

We had great volunteer support from David Odom, Gabby Brockett, Mary Carter, Waverly Walk and Cory Ognisty and we’d like to thank Rich Cooper for leading us in prayer for Saturday’s race as well as Waverly Walk signing our National Anthem.

And most importantly, our Montgomery County Triple finishers for 2013 are as follows:

Chris Allen
Mike Attanucci
Vincent Attanucci
Liz Berry
Richard Cooper
Patty Cowden
Mike Csikos
Alan Gastineau
Nate Kramer
Stoya Ladevant
Dawn Martinez
Matt Martinez
Lucas Menendez
Jessica Menendez
Payton Ognisty
Jerritt Park
Stephen Smith
Zach Williams
Jon Williams

Eleven (11) of the aforementioned 19 runners also completed Sunday evening’s The Woodlands Running Club Sunday Night 5K for the Montgomery County Quad award.

Montgomery County Quad award winners
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)
They included Chris Allen, Zachary Williams, John Williams, Jerritt Park, Steven Smith, Vincent Attanucci, Lucas Menendez, Jessica Menendez, Patty Cowden, Liz Berry and Payton Ognisty.

Chris Allen also completed the City of Conroe Turkey Trot 5K on Saturday, November 16 to earn the very rare Montgomery County Star award.

Thank you for your support, fellowship, friendship and spirit of generosity.

Bill & Jon

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