Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Volte Support Drives Houston Marathon Event Success

Sure, athletes – including ours -- do well because of their commitment, effort and all of the tangibles and intangibles that go into putting together a great performance.

Coaching, in many cases, has a little to do with it – and, arguably, for some more than others.

The Volte common denominator, though, to all of our athlete’s race day performances is our team support.

Providing on-course support for Volte was Carrie Hyde, Julie Pearce and Tammy Grado.
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)
Successful teams support their fellow athletes not just in training, but also on race day.

While there were 33 Volte athletes who challenged the new Chevron Houston Marathon and Aramco Houston Half Marathon courses on Sunday, January 19, 14 team members, including founder Bill Dwyer, served others in the following fashion:

+  Moral support at the George R. Brown Convention Center before the race.

+  Cheer support at various places along the course.

+  Pacing, where the athletes had a bib for the race, but weren’t racing themselves.

With that, we’d like to thank the following Volte team members for being there for their fellow athletes – as well as various friends of Volte that we’ll share in our race write-ups.

They are as follows:

Tammy Grado, Julie Pearce, Carrie Hyde, Anita Werner, Brian Jackson, Adrienne Langelier, Curtis Hooper and Mary Carter helped Dwyer keep athletes off their feet in the Convention Center prior to the race.

Providing cheer support on the course near Memorial Park through Allen Parkway was Ellen Kurtz-Hammond, Geri Henry, Sandy Jones and Volte friend Chris Weir.

Starting at mile 4 before moving their way around the course and ending up back at the Convention Center was Traci Jackson as well as Langelier.

Hyde and Carter cheered on our athletes at mile 6 before retrenching back to about mile 25.9.

Grado and Pearce were at the half marathon finish line before joining others at mile 25.9.

Jackson, Hooper and Weir jumped in for a mile or two with a fellow athlete or two near Memorial Park, while Werner, who had a half marathon bib, ran six miles with Jill Treasague.

From all of our athletes to all of you, thank you!

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