Thursday, January 16, 2014

Volte's Wishes in 2014 For Our Communities

So, yesterday, Volte shared its goals for 2014, but we also posed a more probing question to our group, “What is your number one wish for the running and triathlon communities this year?”

The key, though, for us – Volte – is how do we go about converting those wishes into actions.

Let’s see what on the hearts and minds of our folks … and the pace is set by founder – and coach - Bill Dwyer.

“As we (Volte) expand our training group, (I want to) keep the focus on having fun and supporting the running and multisport communities,” he said.  “My wish is for everyone to have a great 2014 and have success as we’re all doing what we love to do.”

Fellow Volte coach Rich Cooper has a factor of two in his vision of expansion.

“I’d like our group to double in size,” he said. “But to also double what we do for the community.”

So how does Volte provide more support?

“Encourage and cheer to ya’ll – and volunteer more,” says Naika Vargas.

“To give back and support others as they have supported me; be the consummate cheerleader for all,” adds Erica Cahill.

Kelly Green is right there too.

She said, “I want to be able to “pay it forward” and support and encourage others the way I have been supported and encouraged this year.”

“To promote running by (race) directing the BMI Run (5K), introducing others to running and helping people to see around the world,” says Brian Jackson.

“To get more involved in the running community and to encourage others to start,” shared Justin Bui.

“To encourage others whatever their abilities are,” is the desire of Kelly Whiddon.

This is also a theme that struck the hearts of Michell Bradie and Marta Mixa.

“I wish that the running community continues to stay inclusive and supportive of all runners and athletes,” she said.  “Regardless of their abilities – and that folks avoid injuries and find joy in whatever they do.”

“And to inspire and support each other through our challenges and successes,” Mixa added.  “This is in addition to embracing other athletes, at whatever level they are and share with them our passion for the sport.”

To be inclusive, it is wise to have – and practice – humility, something that both Adrienne Langelier and Tabitha Young picked up on.

“Keeping sport in its proper perspective while achieving goals and having fun,” says Langelier, one of Volte’s coaches.

Young was a bit more direct in wishing “that people stop taking themselves so seriously and learn the power of embracing others’ victories.”

Victories do come in many shapes and sizes.

Carrie Hyde, our resident Canuck (term of endearment – Ok, Canadian!), desires that “we continue to learn from our teammates and celebrate achievements no matter how great or small.

“That’s what makes a running community feel like one big awesome family.”

Something that Melissa Poole, stationed stateside in or near Newport News, Virginia, says she misses.

“I wish ya’ll the joy of fellowship and team unity,” she added from her current location somewhere in Afghanistan.

Randy Harris believes there’s a way to do that.

“I wish we would race together more often,” he said.  “Train in groups with a goal to run together as long as possible.  Kind of like a cohort.”

That all goes back to heart.

“Volte runs with great heart at its center,” says Mary Carter.  “My wish is that the running community makes as great of an impact with helping others as it does with running alone.”

Having moved frequently in her adult life, Anita Werner knows the importance of not having to run – or workout -- alone is.

“I wish for the running and tri communities to have more people who need friendship and fitness to find their perfect group,” she said.

With Volte, Hyde – like Werner – feels like she has and wants to grow it, but also collectively as an athletic community.

“Mine is that we (the communities) remain fortunate enough to build onto the bond that many of us feel from being part of this fellowship,” she said.

And speaking of a bond, Tracy Raborn and Randy Smith both channeled the same sentiments.

“That everyone stays healthy, injury free, flourish as athletes and meets their goals,” the two teammates said.

Including David Odom finding a few more 8K and 10K races this year.

The children’s Sunday School song, “This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine,” comes to mind when Curtis Hooper hopes that “Volte would be a light to our communities.”

And if that happens, Volte desires that it doesn’t return void.

Not only do those within Volte get a chance to “know everybody better”, as Cooper envisions, but everyone surrounding us as well.

And to Derek Bailey, a win over teammate Anita Werner at Ironman Wisconsin would be fun, but his desire is to help others come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

While Cooper would also like to see those who know Christ to grow in their personal relationship with Him.

If you're new to this blog, check in throughout 2014 to see how we’re doing with our goals and wishes – and we’d appreciate your help in achieving them as much as we’d like to help you.

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