Thursday, December 29, 2016

3rd Takhe Kwahlals Just Days Away

43rd People's Choice Awards.  January 18, 2017.
89th Academy Awards.  February 26, 2017.

Sure, these might have been around for awhile, but they've got nothing on Volte's 3rd annual year-ending Takhe Kwahlal Awards show Saturday night.

Facebook Live this year maybe?  :-)

We thank the Hyde family for opening up its home the past two years and the torch is being passed to the Rossers.  (And please, leave the real torches at home.  We don't want to scare the roosters on the Rosser farm. ~NV)

Marta Mixa shows off her Takhe Kwahlal from 2015
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)
To recap the past two years and to give you a guide of what to look forward to in Saturday's ceremonies, here's a list of all past Takhe Kwahlals:

2015 - Gabby Brockett
2014 - Kathie Reyer (for her work with Special Olympics)

Spirit (Big heart for others)
2015 - Debra Myers
2014 - Gabby Brockett

2015 - Sally Buckelew
2014 - Dave Odom

Most Improved
2015 - Tammy Grado
2014 - Bubba Priesmeyer

Outstanding New Runner
2015 - Landa Wright

Outstanding Sponsor
2015 - Lindsey Perkins, Fleet Feet
2015 - Debra Myers, Enfusia

Most Consistent / Coaches Dream
2015 - Jen Smith
2014 - Tammy Grado

Wingman (Helps others at training)
2015 - Jimmy Baker
2014 - Skye Taylor

Best Performance
2015 - Brian Jackson
2014 - Kate Looney

Workout Negotiator
2015 - Marta Mixa
2014 - Michelle McGill

Best Kick (Cheetah Award)
2015 - Rapha Mercado
2014 - Jerritt Park

Alternate Time Zone Award
2015 - Derek Bailey (Always early)
2014 - Mary Carter (Always late)

Best Selfie
2015 - Criss Meuman
2014 - Criss Neuman

Most Coordinated Apparel
2015 - Leanne Rosser
2014 - Leanne Rosser

Most Likely to Get Lost (With a direction card)
2015 - Tabitha Young
2014 - Carrie Hyde

Outstanding Host
2015 - Carrie Hyde

Best Volte Party Attendance
2015 - Michell Bradie

Grumpiest Morning Runner
2015 - Hope Jimenez

Workout Rebel (Different route than the group each week)
2015 - Ken Rieger

Most Likely to Ask What Time A Major Race Starts ... The Day Before
2014 - Rich Cooper

Takhe Kwahlal Awards are Run Community awards, translated from the Oneida Indian language from central New York close to where Volte founder Bill Dwyer was born and raised.

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