Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Coming in January, Volte's First Foreign Correspondent

Volte - and its friends - is already a culturally diverse and multinational training group with influences and experiences from all around the globe.

And starting in 2017, not of our choosing, we're going to do a little exporting.

Jen Smith and her husband Jamison, who works for ExxonMobil, are being transferred to Southampton, England for the next three years.

Alvin and Kristi Chen graciously opened their home for a going away party last Sunday.

Something from Volte to Jen (pictured above) to remember us by while across the pond!
Jen has agreed to send us a monthly report about her training - and possible racing - in England.

It's never good bye with us here at Volte, just "We'll see you later!"

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