Friday, May 11, 2018

Volte's 2018 Road to Boston: Michelle McGill

(Note:  One profile is left to catch up on from prior to the race.  We apologize for not having the writing mojo for a little bit.  Rather do it well, than do the effort a disservice.  ~NV)

When you fear you may lose something, you invariably work harder to hold on to it – especially if it is something worth keeping.

Or better yet, experiencing.

Heading into this year’s Boston Marathon – and why it is so important to her, five years ago Michelle McGill had almost made her mind up not to another 26.2-mile race.

“I think what brings me back to this race is 2013 – “the bombing year” - being my first Boston,” she said.  “As I thought it would have been my last marathon, it makes me work harder to get there every year.”

The group’s co-leader with 32 marathon finishes heading into the race, it was marathon #28 – the Wineglass Marathon in Corning, New York – that gave her the golden entry ticket.

“I loved the course.  It was beautiful,” Michelle said.  “It was the first race of the season and the first one coming back from an injury.

“I was so happy to run pain free.”

Just about a mile from the finish at Wineglass; making it look easier than most!
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)
Which is her goal every time she puts her shoes on to run 26.2 miles, including her fourth Boston Marathon.

“It is to try and enjoy – as much as you can in a marathon it, run pain free and feel good at the end,” she noted.

At Wineglass, Michelle came away with a 3:50:01 reward for her effort.

Pretty good when you consider that she chose it “because a big group of friends were doing it.”

And this year’s Boston will be no different.

“I look forward to sharing this experience with my friends and being there to cheer on the first timers,” she exclaimed.  “I’m so excited for them.”

Her advice for them – which she got from her coach, Volte founder Bill Dwyer - is to “enjoy every second as you did the work and now is the time to celebrate.”

Dwyer celebrates what McGill adds to Volte.

“Michelle is the heart of our group,” he said.  “She's steady in training and in her approach to running races.

“Her "bad day" is just a hand full of minutes off of what a good day would be; so she pretty much always has a good day.”

Michelle's way of affirming that she had a "good day" at Wineglass.
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)
Other than a few minor aches, McGill admits that training has gone well that she appreciates “all (of my) running friends and family (who) have helped” to get ready.

While she’s not certain what the remainder of 2018 holds from a running perspective as she continues to work on a race schedule, one thing she did say that she was looking forward to:  “A bit of rest!”

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