Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Two Marathons, Two 5K's and a Multisport Event for Volte in Early September

Labor Day weekend is not the biggest to race on of the annual U.S. holidays; however, Voltes and friends found something to kick the tires on their training.

The first two weekends of September show two marathons, a triathlon and a pair of 5Ks.

Where there’s a 5K, there’s Jerritt Park.  (Well, and Texas 10 Milers too.)

At The Woodlands Running Club Sunday Night 5K on Sunday, September 2 at Barbara Bush Elementary in The Woodlands, Jerritt led all Voltes with a 21:34 effort while Faith Craig posted a time of 29:34.

Faith Craig running strong at The Woodlands Running Club 5K
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)
Volte friends finishing included Edson Jones (23:51), Mike Kelly (28:41) and a pair of “streakers” – that is, runners who run at least a mile every day, Vincent Attanucci (32:45) and Ken Johnson (40:16).

The following morning, Monday, September 3, at the Back to School 5K in Katy, Jerritt and his son, Brayden, ran the race in 20:50 and 23:35, respectively.

In Cypress, three of our Voltes, a pair of alumni and a trio of friends competed in a race at the Towne Lake Triathlon on Labor Day morning.

Mike Kuykendall and Hector Lopez completed the Sprint Triathlon – 450-meter swim, 12-mile bike and 5-kilometer run – in 1:30:00 and 1:40:41, respectively.

Hector Lopez looks like he brought Towne Lake to the run portion of the Sprint Triathlon.
(Photo courtesy of Towne Lake Triathlon)
It was Kuykendall’s sixth triathlon of the year, and the weather was in his favor.

“So grateful for cool race day temps after so many scorchers this summer,” Mike said.  “It began raining sideways transitioning from swim to bike and never let up.”

He was pleased noting a “good overall time considering the weather and shoes full of water.”

It almost looks like Mike Kuykendall is running on water.
(Photo courtesy of Towne Lake Triathlon)
In his great ability to laugh at himself, he noted that he added 100 yards to his swim because he thought he was swimming to the next orange buoy before realizing that it was a volunteer in an orange shirt in an orange kayak who filled their ride well.

Volte alumni Justin Bui was second in his age group in the Sprint Triathlon in 1:08:24.

Paolo Biagi competed in the Sprint Duathlon, which replaced the 450-meter swim with another five-kilometer run, and finished in 1:42:35.

Even though he competed in the Sprint Duathlon, Paolo Biagi couldn't dodge the rain.
(Photo courtesy of Towne Lake Triathlon)
Alumni and friends competed in Olympic Triathlon, which covered 1,500 meters on the swim, 24 miles on the bike and a 10K to boot at the end.

Alumni Kate Looney was first in her age group in 2:11:35.

Mandi Fowlkes led all of our Volte friends in 2:39:50 followed by Scott Farrand and Sabina Lorca in 2:49:25 and 2:58:15, respectively.

Back on the shuttle to Colorado was Drew George, who competed in the American Discovery Trail Marathon in Colorado Springs on Labor Day.

Half of bib #74 is 37 career marathon finishes for Drew George as he completed his third race in Colorado in less than a month.
(Photo courtesy of Drew George)
Stating that he’s been “forever humbled by the mountains,” Drew covered the distance in 3:50:22.

It was his 37th career marathon finish, which leads Volte. 

Derek Bailey and Michelle McGill are tied for second with 33.

And at the Last Chance BQ.2 Marathon in Geneva, Illinois on Saturday, September 8, where he qualified last September for this year’s Boston Marathon, Brian Schultz finished what we believe to be his 25th career marathon in 3:50:11.

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