Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Facebook Page Profile: Jerritt Park - Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Jerritt Park would likely take no offense to somebody saying that there wasn't a race that he didn't like.

So, for the second time in four years, he did two as part of The Woodlands Marathon event.

He is seen here this past Saturday starting the 10K to check off all of the distances that the event has to offer - for former college track and field and cross country athletes.  (A nice way to say that he wouldn't run the 2K, unless they put in on the track!)

Seriously, as we continue to share the work of official Texas 10 Series race photographer David Reynolds of Digital Knight Productions from Saturday's The Woodlands Marathon races, Jerritt is tied with Julie Stevenson as the Volte athlete with the most races as part of The Woodlands Marathon with 11.

He is also fifth on The Woodlands Marathon's list of total events, behind leader Kathy McWilliams, who has run every half marathon plus the 5K every year it has been offered on the Saturday prior for a total of 15.

And there were two years (2012 and 2014) that he didn't run any of the events that were offered.

Jerritt ran the marathon in 2013, the half marathon from 2015 to 2019, the 5K the last four years since it split to a separate weekend and the 10K in 2022.

Now about those races, how many do you think he'll do in 2022?  40?  45?  50?  

Only time will tell.

Photo courtesy of David Reynolds, Digital Knight Productions

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