Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Facebook Page Profile: Judith Albarran - Monday, March 7, 2022

Air time here for one of the athletes within Volte - Judith Albarran - who has made the biggest improvement in their running over the last five years as we continue to feature the work from Saturday by official Texas 10 Series race photographer, David Reynolds of Digital Knight Productions.

Saturday was Judith's fifth event at The Woodlands Marathon.  

It was her fourth half marathon finish to go along with a 3:53:01 marathon here a year ago in 2021 that she swore would bring her back to the half distance forever at The Woodlands.

Her first half marathon at The Woodlands was in 2017 where she ran 2:01:04.  

Two years later in 2019, she lowered it to 1:52:13 and then followed in 2020 with a time of 1:50:59.

Saturday, she continued to make gains with a consistent 8:09 pace that rewarded her with a 1:46:48 finish in the 11th annual Houston Methodist The Woodlands Half Marathon.

Photo courtesy of David Reynolds, Digital Knight Productions

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