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Facebook Page Profile: Robert King - Friday, March 11, 2022

Over Volte's nearly 10 years as a group, we've had runners come to us by various means.

Another group was winding down its activities.

Recommendations from various individuals, clubs or entities, such as Fleet Feet, about our runners or coaches.

Runners moving to a new part of the greater Houston area or coming in from out of state.

They would see us during long runs, at the track or at races.

Or because a track is being resurfaced.

Two summers ago, in the throes of COVID-19, just when Volte was beginning to make its way back out to the track on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, Knox Junior High was having its track resurfaced.

That necessitated us to move to Irons Junior High.

Two brothers, twins actually, who had recently - before that - improved their health by dropping significant amounts of weight, had used the track there as their home base.

Roger and Robert King, who lived close by, just started to jump right in with our folks -- and when the time felt right, officially called themselves Volte.

Roger was the first to run in an event at The Woodlands Marathon, running the half - pre-Volte - in 2020 in 1:37:42.

After training with Volte, the two ran their debut marathon at The Woodlands Marathon last March with Roger finishing in 3:02:06 and Robert in 3:02:25. 

Robert, the only one of the two who was captured Saturday by Texas10Series official photographer David Reynolds of Digital Knight Productions, this year and last, would also run the 5K the Saturday before with his son. 

They would both go on to run Tunnel Light in September, Boston in October and Houston in January, with different goals in mind.

Robert (below) finished on Saturday in 1:30:10 while Roger posted a time of 1:38:22.

The two are registered to run the 126th running of the Boston Marathon on Monday, April 18.

Photo courtesy of David Reynolds, Digital Knight Productions

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